Option Buying — Importance of Big Profits

We have now completed 14 months journey of option buying on this blog. We have seen both success and failure and have learnt some lessons from the experiences and are learning more all the time as this fascinating journey continues. The focus has always been on cashing out the good trades to the maximum extent […]

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Futures & Options Workshop at Bangalore — August 04, 2019

The next F&O Workshop is scheduled at Bangalore on august 04, 2019. It is where the journey began. The first of these workshops was held in January 2018 at Bangalore. Since then more than 500 participants have benefited from these programs. The main theme is being Simple and Practical. If being simple makes money, why […]

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June Series Expiry — Weekend Review

The series ended on Thursday, June 27, 2019. NIFTY moved down from 11945.90 to 11841.55 from May 30 to June 27. A fall of 104 points. The month was not very good for us as none of our options came good in a big way. Few of them showed very good profit at some stage […]

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July 2019 — Options Once Again — Day 01

This is how June Series ended. NIFTY closed at 11841.55. Our trades did not do well this month due to reversals in many of the stocks. Not doing well teaches some lessons and we learn them at a cost this month. TECHM made a good down move yesterday and it was possible to exit TECHM […]

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Rs. 2000 Options —- July 2019 — Day 01

EDIT : Suggested trade IBULHSGFIN lot size has changed to 800 from 500. As such the option will not come for Rs. 2000. We ignore the trade for today. Read On : Option buyers come to the market with little money and big hopes. Not a great combination for success. The results at most of […]

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June 2019 — We Buy Options — Day 19 ( Expiry Day )

The heading of the post is We Buy Options. Last two days are making me think why we buy options. Market continued the move from previous day. Initially it gave some hope which turned into despair in no time. The day was not about expectations. It was about cutting your losses and running. Normally we […]

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A New Series — Rs. 2000 Options — June 2019 — Day 09

It was almost a repeat of previous day. Negative open , then recovery and a push upwards. For our very low cost options it was not meant to make much of a difference and it did not. As far as stock selection was concerned, we had GLENMARK as our best selection and this stock continued […]

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June 2019 — We Buy Options — Day 18

There was a big up move in NIFTY yesterday. From the low of 11651 it moved up to 10814 before finally closing at 11796. Life was very good at the lower level, it became little tough on the high side. All along there was pressure to close the physical settlement trades which were ZEEL and […]

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A New Series — Rs. 2000 Options — June 2019 — Day 08

NIFTY was up 96 points yesterday. In the early trades it was in the red and then made a very smart up move. For our low priced options it could not make a big difference as we had already booked profit in GLENMARK and to some extent in IBULHSGFIN. Other trades lost a little money […]

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June 2019 — We Buy Options — Day 17

NIFTY closed just near 11700. On Friday, the 107 points fall did not give us anything. Monday was better. Just 24 points were good enough to once again bring us into the green. There was a sudden move in ZEEL in the last 5 minutes. That move brought the PUT 320 to Rs. 5.25. If […]

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