December 2019 — Buying Options — Day 01

We saw a new record closing and the new record high for NIFTY on the November Series expiry day. Our trades were doing fine till 3:00 pm. And then the expiry day index management happened causing all the trades to suffer. It is early days in the series. But losing positions surely hurt. For today, […]

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Money In The Bank — December 2019 Series — November 29, 2019

BANKNIFTY was up and up yesterday. It was mainly very good performance by ICICIBANK which made a new 52 week high and few others. HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK did not do well. Overall, our trades were satisfactory and the strategy is doing fine for December Series so far. Good thing about the strategy is that we […]

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Hedged Futures Trading — December 2019 Series — November 29, 2019

The first trade in this series was feasible at the suggested prices. LT CALL 1300 was available for Rs. 62.00 while LT Futures Dec 26 Expiry could be shorted at Rs. 1338. We would have liked a little higher price while shorting but we take what the market gives. As we have paid about Rs. […]

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November 2019 — Buying Options — Day 19

November Series comes to a close today. For us, it is already over with the losses booked. Some time back a reader had commented that the success rate of our trades will come down to just 5% after some time. How prophetic? For November, we did not get a single trade right. That makes it […]

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Money In The Bank — December 2019 Series — November 28, 2019

NIFTY had the record closing level yesterday. BANKNIFTY too stayed positive. Among all that positive trend, one of our 3 stocks ICICIBANK ended up negative for the day. Our trades were not affected much but lost some of the profit as BANKNIFTY PUTS lost more than the gain from sold options. We stay with the […]

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Hedged Futures Trading — December 2019 Series– November 28, 2019

There will be no post today in the lazy trader series. As we do not have much role in that strategy, it will now be posted once a week only. For a little active traders, who would like to stay hedged while taking some risk, a new series of hedged futures is being started. One […]

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F&O Workshop at Pune on December 01, 2019 — Venue Finalized — Please Confirm Participation

The Option Journey continues. We meet at Pune on December 01, 2019 ( Sunday ). The venue for the session has been finalized: Venue Detail: IAMSecVision IT Pvt Ltd. Apex House, S.No. 83, Morebaug, Sawant Vihar Road, Manik Moti Complex, Katraj, Pune– 411046 The markets appear to be an up move presently with NIFTY making […]

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November 2019 — Buying Options — Day 18

We saw the climb to the summit and coming down within a little time frame yesterday. 12132.45 is the new all time high for NIFTY now. The all time high day ended with more stocks losing than gaining. This irony should not be lost on the traders. Markets keep on making new highs but traders […]

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Money In The Bank — December 2019 Series — November 27, 2019

NIFTY came down after making the all time high. The down move would have been much bigger if the BANKNIFTY too had joined the move. Banking stocks did better than the rest of the market. ICICIBANK made a good upward move while HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK managed to stay in the green. Our position in the […]

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The Lazy Trader — December Series — November 27, 2019

Yesterday NIFTY finally achieved the new all time high. But it was short lived. Finally the day ended in the red. Such things happen. There are sellers waiting at higher levels. Again it was the sort of day when the top stocks did not do very well. If ICICIBANK had not gone higher like it […]

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