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The target strength of the program is 30 participants.

The program has commenced from April 26, 2019 with 15 members participating currently.

There are some inquiries still pending where the interaction with the likely participant has not yet taken place. If you are among those who sent a mail but have not received a response so far, please note that all interactions will be completed by end of the week. ( 12-05-2019 )

The readers who wish to join now, please send a mail to at the earliest.

Please read on for Program Overview:

I have been writing on for about two years now. This website came into existence on January 21, 2018 .

The objective of writing was to tell everyone who cared to read that Trading in stocks was simple. Futures and Options have been the downfall of many traders, but tools of trade are not to be blamed for own mistakes.

One can learn about trading.

It is not complicated and does not need advanced mathematics or statistics.

It needs willingness to learn, discipline and practice. It needs belief. It needs knowledge about your trades and yourself. It needs a mentor or a guide to hold hands in tough times as trading is a lonely pursuit.

Most traders do not even talk to their near and dear ones about their bad trades and the immense pressure it brings upon them. Pressure makes them do wrong things and the losses keep mounting.

In January 2018, I started Futures and Options Workshops in various cities on Sundays and the participation has been good. About 500 participants have benefited from these sessions.  I have observed that people are keen to learn but are weighed down by the unnecessary theories described in various books and courses.

Keeping it simple works but people love complications even though no benefit is derived from that.

It is during these programs that many participants requested me for a mentoring program.

Here is the brief outline of the program. Further improvements can be made based on the inputs from the participants.


The program is named The Winning Traders

It will be about successful trading in Futures and Options.

The focus will be on the following aspects:

(a) Identifying the Trades

(b) Identifying and managing the Risk

(c) Psychology of the trade– Pressure of Right Trade and Wrong Trade

(d) Discussions about the trades

(e) Staying Profitable through Risk Management

One can always learn with the right guidance.

Who Can Be Winning Traders ? :

People who are having some knowledge about F&O Trading.

Have a trading capital of more than Rs. 200000. ( For consistent profit strategies capital required will be in the range of Rs. 2000000 )

Participants will have an operative trading account and trade in the same.

Have a belief that they can become/remain a profitable trader with proper guidance and trade selection process.

How to Join ? :

Please send a mail to or write in the CONTACT US link on the top of this page with your contact number.

We shall have a talk over phone before a provisional acceptance is done.

The total number of participants will be limited to 30.

The duration of the program would be 12 months.

There will be two versions of the program.

(a) Normal Risk Traders

(b) Low Risk Traders

The objective for (a) category would be to double the capital in 12 months or earlier.

The objective for (b) category would be to get a return of 36-50% in 12 months with incremental gains regularly.

It is understood that there may be losses at times, but the objectives are to be achieved over a 12 month period.

Past Success :

The idea has been with me for more than a year now. I wanted to test the success by doing a pilot project before posting it here. All of us know that trading options can be made simple from our side but the reasons for losing money in the trades can not be wished away.

So far 11 people have participated in the pilot project.

Only 2 of them have continued from May 2018 till now.  They have more than doubled their capital by January 2019.

Out of the remaining 9, two persons joined for learning purpose for 3 months only. One of them had a profit of Rs. 130000 in these 3 months and for the second participant had less success with a profit of around Rs. 70000.

2 participants joined in the month of August 2018. That month proved to be real bad with a loss of nearly Rs. 100000. In September 2018, there was a profit of Rs. 430000 but unfortunately, these two persons did not participate in that month. Such situations happen.

Other 5 people stayed with the program for 1-2 months and gave up.

If those participants are reading this page, they know who I am talking about.

Options Trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs commitment and discipline. We have to learn these qualities along with the trading methods.

In the final analysis, 4 out of 11 participants were successful in achieving their goal. I would have liked a better success rate but this too is good.

I believe in honesty and transparency and am sharing this information towards that objective.

Those who are willing to join should keep this in mind that it is their commitment to the program which shall make it successful for all.

Let Us Discuss :

If people can have a successful program like SUPER30 for IIT entrance, why can we not have our THE WINNING TRADERS.

It is for the participants to work with a belief and dedication and prove to themselves that it can be done.

I shall be looking forward to your mails and messages.

Send Mail to :


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Disclaimer : The program is not an advisory service. The trades would be based on the trader’s own analysis. Only guidance based on the established criteria will be provided. Aim of the program is to improve the trading skills of a trader, not to do spoon feeding. One must understand the losses may be incurred in F&O trading.



    Richard Dennis did it for Americans.
    Now, you doing it for Indians.
    Huge salute to you.
    I come to know you will write book on option trading.
    How is the progress for book?
    Will love to buy .
    Best of luck for project.

    • admin

      Richard Dennis did a great job. I am too small compared to him. But I checked and found that I am working exactly on same trading principles applied to option trading.

      Well, if you do these things in US, you are great. Do it here and no one knows or cares. I am grateful to my readers that they read and care.



    You are no small .
    Person who share brahmastra to make money in toughest market “free” can never be small in term of respect. If money had decided the big or small than Jeff bezos had more statue than ghandhi.
    Anyways, I wonder Why Michael W. Covel books is not suggested by you?

    • admin

      There is no brahmastra in the markets.

      Plain simple common sense is enough. But our ego, fear and greed overpower the common sense most of the time.


  • bhogendranath Nallan Chakravarthula

    Dear Sir,

    I am a fan of your systems mentioned in the blog.

    I am very much interested in joining winning group and I have sent mail message to you.
    Kindly join me.

    I will continue in both options startegy as well as new “Winning Trades”

    Thanking you

    Best Regards

  • Nithin

    Hello Sir
    I am new to share market. I recently started trading on delivery method. I started reading your blogs on regular basis on quora. I am keen to learn more knowledge about trading methods for making realistic money. At the moment my investment is only 50000. Am I eligible to enroll in your group please advise. I am currently from hyderabad and I am former student of MD Azharuddin Web training academy punjagutta hyderabad. He said lot of good words about you. Thank you for your regular updates on quora. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  • Arun

    Hi Sir, First of all thank you for coming up with this program. This gives a way for us to interact with you frequently and learn the nuances of trading. I have been religiously following your blog/trades from May 2018 and Inspite of all your teachings I made lot of mistakes by either exiting early on few trades or holding on to some trades even after you exited and eventually I lost money on those trades. Inspite of all that as of today I have made 3.2 lacs in the last one year by just following your blog. I strongly believe in your strategy and patience is the key here. As you have mentioned in one of your comments one month of profit can take care of 4 months of loss and still we will end up in net profit, I couldn’t agree more. When I saw this post I had no second thoughts in joining this group. I had a big learning curve in the last one year and what a journey!!! Now eagerly looking forward to this new chapter.Thank you Guruji!

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