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Futures & Options Workshop at Mumbai on April 01, 2018— Venue is Finalized

April 01, 2018 is just 10 days away. The venue for the program is finalized. 601-604, B-Wing, Mangalya Bldg., off Marol Maroshi road, Andheri (E),  Mumbai - 400 059, India. Landmark: Marol Naka Metro Station/ SBI Marol Branch The issue of location being over, let us see what the market has been doing over last one month. How do we handle this kind of volatility through Options? Do we sell or buy Options ? What are the stocks to trade through Options ? Can one really be profitable when markets go down ? All these questions will be addressed in the Mumbai session on April 01, 2018. Please confirm your participation early. Here are the details of the Fee and Payment Method and What the Session Would Cover. Program Fee…
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Picking Stocks For Trading— Everyone Can Do It Right– Day 13

The market decline continues. NIFTY lost another 100 points on Monday ( 19-03-2018 ) to close below 10100 level. As I recall, this is the lowest close in year 2018. We do not know where the NIFTY will go from here. There may be a small rebound like there was yesterday which got sold into. Guessing games are left to the experts. Let us stick to the straight and narrow path of traders. Before looking at fresh trading opportunities, let us review the earlier selections. BUY SELECTIONS: With NIFTY going down by 235 points in two days, it would be too much to expect the BUY selections to be profitable. Only TECHM is holding safe. RELIANCE and KOTAKBANK have both declined significantly. SELL SELECTIONS : It is normal for SELL…
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Picking Stocks For Trading– Everyone Can Do It Right– Day 12

Friday, March 16, 2018 was a disaster day for the Indian Markets. The international trends were not very weak ( they were weak ) but our markets tanked in a big way. Now the experts are running for cover and becoming bearish. Whether they are right or wrong again is best left to the markets. A trader's job is to trade in any market condition. Trend is to be identified early and utilized to the maximum extent possible. I had written on Friday morning that our SELL SELECTIONS had given up lot of profit even while the market was falling. Then the above 165 point fall happened. This fall has hurt the BUY SELECTIONS ( as it should) but added more profit to the SELL side. After lot of deliberations…
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