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A New Series —- Rs. 2000 Options — June 2019 — Day 07

This was the day we were waiting for. For out of money options to succeed in a big way, you need a slice of luck. We got the whole cake in GLENMARK. The stock kept on falling and made the new 52 week low at Rs. 459. We were in PUT 500. As the stock is in compulsory physical settlement category, we had to exit ITM option. In normal trading situation, we would have probably waited another day. Exit taken at Rs. 35.00 though the high price of the day was Rs.38.00. We need just one such trade in a month to make us profitable. Exit was also taken from IBULHSGFIN PUT 560 at Rs. 7.00 in the early trading. We had seen this option go up to Rs. 80…
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June 2019 — We Buy Options — Day 16

NIFTY closed 107 points lower on Friday, June 21. We are now left with 4 trading days for June Expiry. On Thursday, when NIFTY moved up 140 points, our trades were hit very badly. From a good profit of Rs. 40000 we came down to Rs. 3700. The fall on Friday did absolutely nothing for us. Thursday was injury, Friday added insult to the injury. We lost money in PUTS on a day when NIFTY fell 107 points. How cruel can life be for an option buyer? Hopes are raised and then dashed. Last year at same time ( June 2018 Series -- June 22, 2018 Friday close ) our trades were showing a loss of Rs. 40000. At expiry those trades gave a profit of Rs. 55000. Such a…
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A New Series — Rs. 2000 Options — Day 06

The ways of the market are really strange. NIFTY goes up and our PUTS lose out. It is acceptable. NIFTY goes down 100 points next day and still the PUTS do not recover. These stocks chose to stay positive when all else is falling around. This is tough luck and we have no option other than to bear this. Friday was the kind of day described above. But one of the stocks GLENMARK performed nicely for us and went below the Rs. 500 level. That move brought the PUT 500 to Rs. 11 . It is because of this trade that we are staying above water in these trades. Today is the beginning of the Expiry Week and all the additional trouble of closing the positions, specially in ITM options…
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