On Monday, April 13, Options Trading Online Classes were announced.

The response so far has been very good and there is a very good number of inquiries coming in.

The classes are being held on daily basis till May 03, 2020.

After that sessions will be held on weekends only.

Lot of questions were coming in, some genuine and some strange.

To address those concerns, here are the few points which I would like to clarify:

(1) The sessions are proposed to held on weekends i.e on Saturdays and Sundays. Maximum attendance per session is restricted to 7 persons.

(2) The fee of Rs. 2360 is for participation in one session and you need to attend one session only.

(3) The topics covered have already been described in the previous post. However, for the sake of clarity I am mentioning them once again here:

Options Buying

Identifying the trades

Exiting the trades

Psychology of a winning trader

The truths about options expiring worthless

Recovering from losses

Option Strategies for Regular Profits

Futures Strategies for Consistent Gains

Questions from participants and answers.

(4) It is not possible to cover a vast subject like Options Trading in a 3 hour course. Hence only points that really matter from the perspective of a small trader are selected to be explored. Anyone who trades with a capital of less than Rs. 25-30 lakhs is a small trader.

(5) The timings are:

Saturdays —- 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sundays —— 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

(6 ) Some readers have asked for success percentage etc. Here we are talking about learning a method of trading, not a formula for trading with a pre defined success ratio.

However, if we go through the trades described on this blog over last 24 months, the success rate of trades comes to around 35% and profit is about 600% or 300% per year.

I understand that these numbers will keep on changing. Past performance is no guarantee for the future but it tells us that the method works.

(7) Please be a little flexible about the date to be chosen for your participation. As there are only 7 persons per day, it will not be possible to get a date of your choice.

At this time 2 lots on May 09 and 04 on May 10 are available. All other weekends are available.

Please make a choice accordingly.

(8) Some readers have asked for information about making the payment. It is simple:

Paytm : 9729455990

Google Pay : 9728555990

(9) The mode of conference will be ZOOM. A link will be sent to the participants to join the session. Recording of the session will not be shared as the interaction in every session is private between the participants and myself.

(10 ) After the session, participants can approach me for clarifications of any doubts through e mail within a period of 30 days from their session.

I believe this addresses most of the concerns raised by the readers. Those looking for theories, formulas, option greeks and all other complexities will not find this session useful.

Now I look for your participation with better understanding about the proposed sessions.