This blog came into existence on January 21, 2018.

Domain name and hosting server were arranged a few months earlier but posts on the blog began from this date.

Initially was clueless about what to write. After two three months, a series about option buying trades was started and that series remains the main feature now after little more than 2 years.

In February 2019, I happened to have a look at the rankings of our website and was happy with the numbers.

This post was written at that time.

World wide rank was around 655081 and India Rank at 64231.

That was reason to happy. A small blog starting a year ago was doing well.

Continued support by the readers has taken these numbers to the new high and as of this morning, the rankings are:

In Global Traffic, we rank at 388152 and at 48819 in India.

The higher we climb, it becomes more difficult to keep going. But it is possible with the support of readers which has been there all along. Even during the difficult times over last few months, readers kept visiting the blog regularly and had words of encouragement and good suggestions to offer.

Let us aim to move higher. Let us do it together.

Thanks for the support.

Keep coming back here. Keep sharing the posts you like. Keep up the suggestions and comments.

Thank you all once again.