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May 2019 — Options Once Again — Day 16 — Exit Polls Impact

Exit polls were out on Sunday evening. Market welcomed the news by going up 421 points. Once again we are very close to All Time High of 11856. May get there today or may not. The frenzied buying saw the likes of IBULHSGFIN gain more than 10%. SBIN gained more than 8%. Just because exit polls came out, all the bad news about these stocks just vanished. SBIN now does not have any NPAs and the results released just 3-4 days ago are forgotten. Same things for all other such stocks. What has changed? Nothing but the sentiment. Good companies will keep on performing well and bad companies will keep performing well. Government will be same. With everything remaining same, how people are expecting different outcome from the stocks? This…
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May 2019 — Options Once Again — Day 15

Welcome to Monday morning. This Monday is likely to be volatile. Elections are over. Exit polls are predicting a handsome victory for the BJP and its allies. That should be good news for the market. But that could be discounted by the up move over last two trading sessions. Markets run on hope and fear. It will wait for the actual results on May 23 before going firmly in any direction. Again that may not happen as global events will take over and in a few days it will be business as usual. Because nothing really has changed. The same government will continue with doing whatever it has been doing and same goes for the market too. We as traders also carry on doing the same things and take our…
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Two Days of Nifty Gains — 250 points — Review of the Week

What a week it was? On Friday, May 10, NIFTY was at 11278.90. A week later it has crossed 11400 and closed at 11407.15. On Thursday, the gain was 100 points and Friday topped that by going up 150 points. I do not look for reasons for the market gaining or losing. Market can go up one day and down next day with all the reasons still in place. We have to look for trading opportunities not the reasons for market behaviour. On Sunday, the last phase of Lok Sabha elections will be over. In the evening, news channels will be out with their exit polls. These exit polls are likely to be the catalyst for the market direction on Monday. In order to not lose big in case market…
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