We struggled through every day of the month never finding a good moment. The market kept on going higher and all our PUTS kept losing money. The solitary CALL in HCLTECH too did not work out even when NIFTY was making new highs.

These are the ways of the market.

We even had a day when NIFTY fell significantly but all the PUTS lost money on that day.

All things told, the month ended very badly for our trades.

The loss was about Rs. 47000 in the main trades and above Rs. 8000 in the s. 2000 Options Series.

Total loss Rs. 55142.

To add to our misery, it is third continuous month of losses. We have not been profitable since August Series.

It is at such times that we need to keep the belief and trade with confidence. Ups and downs are part of trading whether we like them or not.

December Series has already begun and few trades initiated. Let us look for a good result in December.

Summary of 19 Months :

This month has been an absolute disaster with all the 13 trades ending up losing money.

Now let us look at the overall picture since we started this series in May 2018.

Total Months —19

Losing Months — 08

Winning Months — 11

Total Contracts Traded — 287

Wrong ———————— 189

Right —————————- 98 ( 34.1%)

Profit ————————– Rs. 761000.

We see that the profit has come down significantly but still, it is a good profit. We just have to see that the current losing streak does not continue. Let us not forget that we had 4 successful months from May 2019 to August 2019 just before these bad times hit us.

We learn how to take good with the bad and continue on this journey.

There were lot of connectivity and other issues while I was travelling on Friday and Saturday. The posts were delayed on Friday and could not be posted on Saturday.

Enjoy the Sunday and let us meet here again tomorrow morning.