NIFTY again did nothing much on Friday, January 17.

It was the turn of RELIANCE to ditch us on Friday. The big up move caused a loss of about Rs. 4000 in this trade. Other trades too chipped in with little set backs to finally add a loss of nearly Rs. 6000 to our already depleted account.

Apparently it is going to be another losing month.

Not a good beginning for the new year.

I understand that readers come to this blog to learn ways of profitable trading and not to listen to the litany of losing trades on a regular basis. I also understand that most of the readers were losing in the market earlier and thought that this method will make a difference for them. But they do not find any difference. The story of loss continues since September 2019 and does not look like taking a break.

That unsettles people. That unsettles me as well. Losses can do that to everyone.

Ask yourself one question — What were you doing earlier when faced with losses?

The most common answer would be — Trusting my own judgement to carry on with the new trades.

For me it is a simple matter of keeping faith in my method and carrying on. Fortunately for me, the method has delivered good profits initially and I can afford the current losses unhappily. Those who started following recently do not have that comfort.

It makes me feel bad when the trades go wrong and the losses result. The objective of this blog is to establish that buying options can be a profitable activity. The continued losses are not helping that objective.

All the more reason to continue with determination.

What we can do is to keep the losses lower which is being done for the past few series.

The week is gone. Gone not too well. Let us hope next week turns out better.

Enjoy the Sunday.

Thanks for reading.