The last quarter was one step forward and two steps back.

Not the way we would like to go. But the way to profits is never smooth. We try to move towards a big goal with dreams of heaven but with feet firmly on ground because pitfalls are too many.

Last two months were those falls.

Let us look at the numbers.

October 2019 :

Rs. 2000 Series gave a small profit.

One of our real bad months. No two views about it.

In the main series, we had 9 out of 9 losing trades. In Rs. 2000 series, i out of 5 trades was profitable. Overall we had 1 trade right out of 14 and had to take a loss of Rs. 68169.

September 2019 :

September too was not good. We had some small opportunities which were dashed by the concessions announced by the Finance Minister on September 20, 2019.

The numbers:

The Rs. 2000 series was the saving grace, thanks to one big move in ZEEL.

1 trade right out of 16. Absolute disaster of a performance. The loss was Rs. 43299.

August 2019:

We had a wonderful month in August. It was in sharp contrast to August 2018 which remains our biggest losing month till now.

The numbers:

Out of 16 trades, 8 were right and 8 were wrong for a good profit. Rs. 2000 Options Series also did well.

3 out of 7 trades gave profit.

The total profit for the month was Rs. 123798 based on 11 right trades out of a total 23.

Summary of August- September -October 2019:

A small profit of Rs. 12330.

Only 13 trades going right out of 53. Not good, but one profitable month could take care of two losing months.

The percentage of right trades has dropped significantly in the quarter gone by and it shows in the results.

Summary of 18 Months — May 2018– October 2019:

Total Months —- 18

Losing Months — 07

Gaining Months — 11

Total Trades ——– 274

Wrong Trades ——- 176

Right Trades ———– 098 ( 35.7%)

Profit ——————– Rs. 816142

Summary of previous 15 months:

One of our bad quarter but we take it in our stride and move on. Past is over, finished; we live in the present and look towards the future.

As always, keep the belief, know your trades and know yourself. Success may be just around the corner.