The tag line of this blog is — TAKING YOUR OPTION TRADES TO NEXT LEVEL.

Could we really do it over last two years?

The answer would be a partial YES.

Why partial?

The main focus of this blog has been profitable option buying. And a very good success has been achieved with that focused approach. A profit of more than Rs. 1100000 on a trading capital of just Rs. 200000 through option buying is a feat to feel very happy about.

Yet there are people who are not comfortable with option buying. They still go with the high probability of profit from option selling. I am terribly afraid of the UNLIMITED LOSS which can visit any time but there are people who would like to take those small highly probable profits by hedging.

That is where strategies come into play.

On this blog, I have not given a very prominent place to profitable strategies only for the reason that capital requirements are higher.

For this reason I have mentioned Partial YES while assessing the success of the blog so far.

Some of the readers have talked to me about strategies and it appears that a good many number of them are interested in the strategies if consistent good returns are possible.

For last few months, we are continuing a strategy MONEY IN THE BANK on this blog.

In the period November 2019 to May 2020 ( 7 months ) , the strategy has delivered a profit of Rs. 170000 on the margin capital requirement of Rs. 4.00-6.00 lakhs depending on the volatility in the market.

Currently the requirement is less than Rs. 5.00 lakhs but let us still consider the margins as Rs. 6.00 lakhs.

For the June series, a profit of Rs. 27000 has already been booked as posted on the blog and second set up is continuing.

Did readers actually make this profit?:

Some did. Most did not.

The reasons are fear, greed, indecision and lack of belief. People do lot of back testing to find out that the strategy works. Back testing does not tell you the pain of the process, it just tells you the good result.

In actual trades these traders quit during the painful process before achieving the happy results.

Looks familiar– then you dear reader are that trader.

How to do better?:

Give up the doubts. Start believing.

Can do it yourself, go ahead. Can not do it yourself — get a mentor who will guide you through difficult times.

Strategies Group:

This group is a proposed mentoring program for those readers who would like to use option strategies for consistent returns without worrying about monitoring the trades throughout the day.

Let the strategies work for you while you are busy with your work.

I plan to take a maximum of 30 people in this group and the focus would be on making profit through strategies. Guidance will be provided for setting up and exit as well as staying firmly in the trades when things seem to be going wrong.

The target profit for one year period is — Rs. 2.00 lakhs but we shall not mind if we get better result than that.

Fee for the program:

The fee is annual and payable at joining the program.

Rs. 30000 ( including GST ) per year.

I am fully confident that if the trades are taken rightly ( that will be ensured by active participation for entry and exits) we shall be achieving our profit targets.

If the 12 month period ends in a loss, the entire fee paid will be refunded.

If the profit for the 12 month period is less than Rs. 100000, half the fee will be refunded.

I know we should not be talking about refunds. But this site is about teaching and learning about trading. If after so much effort and commitment, we are not able to achieve the desired goal, we have failed as a teacher and student combination.

The likelihood of a refund ( however small ) will keep me focused on the task ahead of us.

How to join:

The readers who are interested may please send a mail to We shall discuss the details after that.

Number of members in the group will be a maximum of 30.