This blog was started on January 21, 2018 on the day I conducted first of the Futures and Options Workshops at Bangalore.

The response of the readers was encouraging right from the beginning. At first, there was no direction as to what the blog was aiming for. With time and inputs from readers, the posts took a direction and today this may be one of the very few resources where Option Buying is discussed with the belief that it is a profitable activity.

I was blessed with the readers’ support all through the first year and at the end of one year i.e. on January 20, 2019 the site had achieved a viewership of One Million Page Views.

This time, we are looking at the numbers for the full calendar year 2019.

The number of page views went up to 2,146453 and the site had 220435 Unique Visitors with a total 381948 Visits.

These are not great numbers in absolute terms but considering the fact that at best this blog caters to a very small segment of traders suggesting very unconventional methods of trading and at most time telling to do just nothing, the numbers are comforting and encouraging.

The continued support of readers will take the readership to new highs in 2020. I have no doubt about it.

We are facing some rough weather with our trades presently. But sailing the ship right through the stormy weather is what a trader is supposed to do. We shall set sail in the right direction once again.

I thank the readers for their continued support. I would request sharing of the posts with the fellow traders at times to make your favorite blog more popular. Sharing is caring and traders do not have many people caring for them.

Thanks Dear Readers as we continue the journey in the year 2020.

Let the year be very good for you on all fronts and profitable in trading activity.

Enjoy the holiday.

Be back here tomorrow for the Sunday Thoughts.