This blog is about to complete a two year journey. It has been an eventful ride with lots of ups and downs. The aim was to simplify the option trades and to show that option buying could be profitable.

That journey goes on and it is time to explore the new avenues.

What works in India should work is US too.

We shall apply the same set of rules for trade selection for buying options for the stocks traded on US Markets. Option Volumes are better in US for stock options as compared to India. There are multiple expiry dates to choose from.

Well, there are multiple ways to lose money as the conventional market wisdom tells us that buying options is a mug’s game. Time decay will eat away all the premium paid and we shall be looking at a wiped out account in no time.

The objective of this series is to prove the above statements wrong. The objective is to show that option buying can be done profitably with a method and discipline.

The series will begin on Monday, January 13, 2020.

The capital required for trades is $ 6000.

We shall not be risking more than $ 2000 in any month.

Numbers of trades will be about 10-20 in a month.

Entry prices shall be suggested and if that price does not come about during the trading day, the trade shall be ignored.

Exit will be suggested after watching the trade go right.

The likely trades shall be posted about 1 hour before the NYSE market open timings.

Let us see how this works out.

I request the US based readers to please share their trades though comments section.

And the disclaimer:

These are not tips for buying and selling.

These are trades worked out based on a simple method and it is a test to see how these trades work out.

Readers are advised to use their discretion as options trading could cause real big losses.

Watch this space on Monday, January 13, 2020.