Market is closed today.

So we do not have to worry about our trades today. The Vijayadashmi or Dussehra festival is celebration of victory of good over evil. It commemorates victory of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana. It also commemorates victory of Goddess Durga in her various incarnations over many demons.

The theme is victory of good over evil.

Our Lessons from these stories of the past:

(1) Follow the rules:

Lord Rama was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form. He had all the godly powers but he had come to earth as a human being. So he lived and acted as per the norms applying to the society he lived in.

He sought help when in distress from Monkey King Sugreev. He waited for the monsoon season to end before sending out the search parties. And he fought with Ravana following all the rules of battle engagement.

We too need to follow the discipline and rules in our trading activities. We are not blessed with any divine powers. We are nothing in comparison with the might of the market. It is always a losing battle as most of the trades find out.

Our edge in this unequal battle comes from discipline. Having a trading method and following the rules is the only thing which can tilt the scales slightly in our favour.

(2) Look for weakness or strength:

After fighting a long time with Ravana and not succeeding , Lord Rama asked Vibhishana for any weakness in Ravana. Then he came to know that Ravana can not be killed until the elixir of life ( Amrit) stored in his navel is not dried up.

Rama then pointed his arrows at this new target and succeeded in killing him.

In a fight, it does not matter how strong you are. Your opponent may be stronger. But one has to look for a way. Look for weakness in a strong opponent. Look for some advantage.

Same applies to trading. Look for weakness or strength in few stocks. Then trade accordingly. Shooting arrows elsewhere will not get us anywhere.

(3) Be flexible:

Lord Rama came to earth in human form because Ravana was given a boon that he will die only at the hands of a monkey or human being. So god had to be flexible.

Goddess Durga adopted different forms to fight various demons. Nine forms of Goddess are worshiped for this reason.

When even God had to be flexible in the approach to solve the problems, we can not have a fixed and firm approach towards trading in the market.

Be flexible, go with the flow.

We can not adopt multiple forms but surely can change our trading as per the trend from time to time.

There could be many more life lessons to be learnt but then we have little knowledge in this world overflowing with wisdom. we have to make our little knowledge work by application of a method and discipline.

Enjoy the festivities, enjoy the holiday.

Be back tomorrow morning for a normal trading day.