May 2020 — Options Buying — Day 00

Finally the expiry day of April 2020 contracts is here. We are already out of our trades with a good amount of loss booked for the series. May series too did not begin well for us with HDFC stock price going up by 15% in 2 days after we bought a PUT. This is how […]

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Money In The Bank — May 2020 Series — April 30

It is last day of the month and expiry day for F&O contracts for April Series. We have already closed the April trades and are set up for May. BANKNIFTY moved up yesterday though it gave up a part of the gains in the last half an hour. Our trades recovered a good part of […]

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The Lazy And Not So Lazy Trader — May 2020 — April 30, 2020

The option buying series was started on this blog from May Series of the year 2018. That is still a continuing series. We look for something new not just for the sake of variety but for exploring new ideas that could be profitable. This time the idea is to add some action to the lazy […]

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May 2020 — Options Buying — Day (-) 01

I was looking for a good beginning to May series after the dismal results in April trades. It appears that the market has not yet chosen to smile at us. Nifty went up strongly for yet another day on Tuesday. NIFTY going up would not have hurt so much. What caused the pain was that […]

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Money In The Bank — May 2020 Series — April 29, 2020

A look at BANKNIFTY for yesterday. Another good day for the banking stocks. Not a good day for our strategy. This is how the stocks performed: The gain in KOTAKBANK and HDFCBANK was far less than the gain in BANKNIFTY. As a result of this, we lost more money in BANKNIFTY bought PUTS then we […]

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The Lazy Trader — May 2020 — April 29, 2020

After being very lazy for the day, finally a set up for May Series was created at about 3 pm. There was not much time after that to see the performance for the day. And one day performances do not matter in the longer scheme of things. This was the set up: Now the wait […]

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May 2020 — Options Buying — Day (-02 )

This was the story of Monday, April 27, 2020. Nifty gave up 95 points from the high of the day but it was no solace to us. We closed all the 4 remaining trades near the end of day and booked a big enough loss for the series. We have seen losses in the past […]

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Money In The Bank — May 2020 Series — April 28, 2020

The recent trend of one day down and another day up continued. Yesterday we saw banking stocks giving a solid performance. That is just for the record as this strategy is immune to almost any kind of moves except a big decline in one of the three stocks we selected. The strategy was set up […]

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The Lazy Trader — May 2020 — April 28, 2020

We have seen that this strategy did well for April Series. It worked fine when market fell sharply in March and when the market recovered in April series. In other times we have seen that the results were not something to be happy about. At such times one starts rethinking about the strategy whether it […]

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April 2020 — Options Buying — Day 18

On Friday we saw NIFTY going down considerably. It was too little too late. Our trades are now too far gone to come good with such moves. And there seems to be no likelihood of a 20-30% move in our favor in the stocks where we are holding options. One trade which seems to have […]

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