September 2020 — Options Buying — Day 02

NIFTY continued its up move on Friday. Market can prove all of us wrong in whichever way it wants. On such a day, the trade which caused the maximum loss was a CALL trade and not a PUT trade. We just take this as a small hiccup and stay with the trades. Position at close […]

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Money In The Bank — September 2020 Series — August 31, 2020

BANKNIFTY was on steroids on Friday, August 28, 2020. The problem was that the big 3 were not so happy. The biggest of them all HDFCBANK was the poorest performer among the 12 stocks. The up move did not help our trades at all. The status: Action Today: As BANKNIFTY has moved above 24500, the […]

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Weekly Warrior — Nifty/ Bank Nifty — September 03 Expiry — Day 02

Welcome to Monday morning. Friday was once again a positive day for the indices. A big positive day for BANKNIFTY which moved up 3.9%. Such big moves are not good for our weekly trade set ups and we saw the result on the same day. As the market had moved up within minutes of opening, […]

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Adversity To Opportunity, Lemons To Lemonade, Despair To Hope — Sunday Story

We hear many stories of great courage, triumph of human will power over extreme adversities and draw inspiration from such stories. The one story which has impressed me most is the story of Jon Morrow, who has beaten incredible odds just to stay alive leave alone achieve what he has done. Here is the man: […]

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If You Think You Are Beaten — Saturday Thoughts

We take a break from trading on weekends. Saturdays are for general interactions and sharing the thoughts. Weekends are to be used for keeping us in good spirits to carry on during the tough times. We have been going through a long tough period of time. It is at such times that we seek inspiration. […]

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Option Buying — A Success Story From US — March 2020

We had a very good month in March 2020 for our trades. Since then it has been all downhill. That is the nature of option buying trades. Regular small losses ( definition of small varies for every one of us ) followed by a big big profit if we care to take that. Read the […]

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September 2020 — Options Buying — Day 01

Yesterday was the expiry day for August 2020 Series. NIFTY managed to close in the green once again. For us the August series was already over with another bad loss. Yesterday we had discussed 3 PUT trades and the way the market moved in the morning it looked like that once again we begin on […]

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Money In The Bank — September 2020 Series — August 28, 2020

Once again BANKNIFTY did much better than NIFTY. The good show by the banks has now continued over last one week. Our trades had a profit of little more than Rs. 12000 and the target of Rs. 14000 looked very near. Nothing is easy in trading. The index stayed positive but HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK were […]

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Weekly Warrior — Nifty/ Bank Nifty — September 03 Expiry — Day 01

Yesterday was bad. Both the set of trades ended up making a loss. That was expected once the indices had broken out of the range. The trades were closed at around 3:15 pm when it was apparent that nothing further could be salvaged from that position. This time we have seen the extent to which […]

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September 2020 — Options Buying — Day 00

NIFTY kept up its relentless upward march yesterday too. For us the month was already over. Yesterday was just an exercise in watching the market. The story of the bad month, bad months, coming back from losses and inspirational poems have been shared. It is time to move once again. A sleeping tiger does not […]

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