High Futures Margins — Use Options — Synthetic Futures

Let us say we want to BUY RELIANCE futures and SELL NIFTY Futures for June 2021 series. As per Zerodha margin calculator , this is the margin amount required for these two trades based on Friday’s prices. Margins for day trades are lower but from September that too will not be available. We can use […]

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Money In The Bank — June 2021 Series — May 31, 2021

BANKNIFTY did nothing on the day NIFTY made the record high. Only HDFCBANK among our stocks was a gainer. Other two stocks were losers and the loss was significant. As we have seen so many times, when two of the stocks fail to do well , it is a setback for the MTM position. Friday […]

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Not So Lazy — June 2024 Series — May 31, 2021

On Friday, NIFTY made a new record high. The new record is 15469.65. Let us see how long this number holds. The setup was established late in the day around 3 pm. After that there was a small upward push in the market and that helped to close the first day of this setup with […]

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FII Selling DII Buying — Why Do I Bother?

Why are retail traders interested in knowing what the financial institutions are doing?: What comes to mind if we think about the most covered news item in the recent times? It is the death of a young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. TV channels have covered the follow up news for months so far and the […]

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OptionsNext Now On Telegram — Please Join The Channel

Dear Readers, The journey of this blog is now into its fourth year. The support by readers has helped it reach good rankings. I can dish out post after post but it is for the readers to discern the good from the bad and keep me on my toes through comments and criticism. At some […]

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SEBI Margin Rules — How Will The New Rules Impact The Traders — Saturday Story

The revised peak margin rules are already in implementation stage. They will become fully effective from September 2021. I have received many questions from the readers wanting to know how these rules are likely to impact our trading. My reply has been — we will cross the bridge when we come to it. Well, we […]

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Money In The Bank — June 2021 Series — May 28, 2021

Yesterday was a good day for banking stocks. All the 12 stocks in the BANKNIFTY were gainers and most of the gain in the index came from SBIN and PNB which surged in the last 30 minutes of trading. We would like that BANKNIFTY should move due to our 3 stocks but who are we […]

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May 2021 — Option Buying & NIFTY Strategy — Closed

This was NIFTY yesterday. With the indications from SGX NIFTY it is quite likely that the previous all time high of 15431.75 may be breached today. And we get to listen to all the song and dance about how well our market is doing and now we are poised to cross 16000 and 17000. All […]

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Not So Lazy — June 2021 Series — May 28, 2021

The setup in this series was not done yesterday due to other preoccupations. One day does make a difference to the initial credit amount but not to the overall effectiveness of the strategy. Let us see what opportunity ( initial credit ) is feasible today. Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only […]

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Not So Lazy — June 2021 Series — May 27, 2021

We have not talked about this strategy over last two months. This is something which was a predecessor to Money In The Bank, our best performing strategy so far. Still, I have not dealt with this strategy prominently in these pages. Nothing wrong with the setup but it is our greed or fear which distracts […]

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