Online Options Trading Class — November 13 & 14, 2021 — Please Confirm Your Participation

On October 19, 2021, NIFTY made the new all time high at 18604.45. Ten days later, the index was at 17671.65 having seen the low of 17613.10 during the day on October 29, 2021. More than 900 points gone in 10 calendar days. Market can go higher without reason and crash without a reason. One […]

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Money In The Bank — A Roller Coaster Week — Saturday Story

Just 7 days ago, I had shared the two year journey of Money In The Bank strategy after having concluded the October 2021 series trades. We are still in October month. One week is a long time in trading. Specially when one is on the losing side. On October 22, 2021, BANKNIFTY was above 40000. […]

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Nifty Call Spread — Troubled Times — We Wait – October 30, 2021

At the close of October series trades, I had posted this: A profit of Rs. 40000 on a margin capital of about Rs. 50000 in 3 months is really good. We know that the market can not keep going up forever. There are bound to be some corrections, at times big one. That is when […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2021 Series — October 29, 2021

I have forgotten how many times I mentioned that the banking stocks are the weak spot in the market. Once again, market proved this fact. Nifty was down 1.94% as BANKNIFTY fell 3.34%. The gap between the high and low point of the day was huge. We are not trading index though BANKNIFTY PUT is […]

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Not So Lazy — November 2021 Series — October 29, 2021

What a day? The decline was without relief. Last few minutes helped the index gain back few points otherwise it could have been (-) 400 points. Out of the 10 heavy weights, only 1 (LT) was a gainer. Banking stocks were the big underperformers. And underperformance hurts the trades in a big way. In a […]

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Nifty Call Spread — November 2021 Series — October 29, 2021

When NIFTY falls 353 points in a day, there is no escape. This strategy works best in case of a positive move or small down moves within a week’s time. A big single day down move spells trouble. Yesterday was a big trouble. CALL 18200 OCT 28 was bought back for Rs. 4.50 and CALL […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2021 Series — October 28, 2021

The F&O series for October 2021 comes to a close today. We have already closed the trades for October for a good profit and well into November series trades. Yesterday, BANKNIFTY had a setback in the last part of the day as it went down sharply. HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK were losers on the day while […]

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Not So Lazy — November 2021 Series — October 28, 2021

Yesterday I had posted briefly that the trades were set up on October 26. It had taken a lot of time on that day to get the trades right as the Bid -Ask spreads were odd or liquidity was not much. Some trades were taken around 12:30 and the rest could be taken only near […]

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Nifty Call Spread — November 2021 Series — October 28, 2021

I had not posted yesterday. We need not review on daily basis but the record is being kept for the purpose of analyzing at a later date. The late fall in NIFTY yesterday did not help our trades. MTM went down slightly but the trades are still with a small profit. We need to close […]

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Money In The Bank — Not So Lazy — October 27, 2021

The posts could not be made in time as I had to get to the Airport in the morning. Detailed posts tomorrow. Money In The Bank did very well yesterday with MTM profit going above Rs. 25000 after just two days of setting up. As of this moment, 10 am Oct 27, the status is […]

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