October Series Trades — September 29 Status — September 30, 2022

NIFTY began the day with a BANG. And ended it with a WHIMPER. Finally, the index closed in the red for the day. This was the story of market on September 29, the expiry day for Futures and Options contract for the series. In September series, NIFTY has moved from 17522.45 on August 25, 2022 […]

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Money In The Bank — October 2022 Series — September 30, 2022

Month of September comes to a close today. F&O September series expiry took place yesterday. The day had begun with a good gap up but the rally fizzled out as the day progressed. Overall, BANKNIFTY did not lose much ground. It was our setup which lost some more. See how the index gave up all […]

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October Series Trades — A Good Day — What To Expect Today? — September 29, 2022

Nifty had same 200 points move like every other day. On Tuesday, it managed to close near to the flat mark. Wednesday saw it closing near the low. We can see that it came back into the green midway through the day but could not hold that position and crumbled towards the end. This fall […]

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Money In The Bank — October 2022 Series — September 29, 2022

Today is the expiry day for September 2022 F&O series. Lot of volatility is expected. The day may turn out to be positive for the indices as US market closed with good gains overnight. But one can never be certain about the market moves. After all, market had fallen all the way to day’s low […]

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October Series Trades — Yesterday Status — September 28, 2022

Yesterday, NIFTY closed flat. Only the closing was flat, day had its ups and downs as we can see here. Between the high at 17176 and low at 16942, there were quite a few moves to keep the traders on their toes. October Series Trades: I had mentioned in yesterday’s post that one trade in […]

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Money In The Bank — October 2022 Series — September 28, 2022

Trades for Money In The Bank series were set up yesterday. BANKNIFTY had suddenly moved lower while setting up. That made BANKNIFTY PUT 36500 to be bought at slightly higher price. This month, I have taken additional protective trades by BUYING PUT options about 5% away from the Sold PUT options. This action has resulted […]

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Why All The Noise? — Did Nifty Really had A Big Fall In September Series — September 28, 2022

Yesterday, NIFTY managed to close above 17000 after making a low of 16942.35 during the day. I have not checked but read somewhere that this was the lowest level in last two months. Suddenly, people are having a bearish outlook about the market. But what is new? Why all the noise? Let us have a […]

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September Series Trades — Two Days Of Big Nifty Fall — Closed The Trades — September 27, 2027

This series was a big test. Instead of Options, I was trading Futures. Futures can give big rewards but risks too are equally big. One has to be right in the direction of the trade to get a reasonable profit in case of futures. Friday and Monday made that direction right. The rewards were good […]

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September Series Trades — Monday Morning Blues — September 26, 2022

Welcome to Monday morning. Countdown to September Series expiry has begun. We have just 4 days to go. Today is the pivotal day. What happens today after the big down move on Friday? Will there be a recovery? Will the slide continue? US markets were down on Friday and Asia is down this morning. How […]

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Money In The Bank — How It Compares With Indices And Individual Stocks? — September 26, 2022

In yesterday’s post, we reviewed the 35 month performance of the Money In The Bank strategy. We see from the results that it earned about 98% returns in this period despite having a poor run in the year 2022. While it is expected that the numbers will improve further, let us have a look how […]

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