November Series Trades — No Improvement On Friday — October 31, 2022

Nifty had an almost flat Friday. My trades did not amount to much. Position at the end of day on October 28: Though MTM loss came down to 59500 from 63000, it is no consolation as today is not looking good. But I have been through worse earlier. Let us see how the day works […]

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Money In The Bank — Review Of the Week Ending October 28 — October 29, 2022

Yesterday, BANKNIFTY was down. Down 308.45 points. KOTAKBANK and HDFC were gainers while ICICIBANK was a loser. How did these moves impact our setup? It was good. The gains from HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK sold PUTS covered more than the loss from ICICIBANK PUT for the day. Little gain from the BANKNIFTY PUT was the additional […]

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Facebook Share Price Below $ 100 — Down 69% In One Year — Saturday Story

Facebook is the social media giant. Everyone and their uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces are on Facebook. Such a business should just thrive and thrive. And it did for a long time. Till it did not — in the year 2022. On Thursday, October 27, Facebook share price touched its 52 week low at $ […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2022 Series — October 28, 2022

BANKNIFTY closed slightly higher yesterday, the expiry day of October 2022 F&O series. I have no problems with BANKNIFTY closing higher or lower as long as the 3 stocks perform in line with the index. Our problem was that KOTAKBANK had moved lower sharply. That issue was corrected yesterday as KOTAKBANK closed with some gains. […]

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November Series Trades — A Bad Beginning — October 28, 2022

NIFTY closed at 17736.95 yesterday. That brought October 2022 F&O series to a close. A good month for the index. On September 29, NIFTY had closed at 16818.10. A gain of 918.85 points for the October series brought some cheer to the market but spoiled the short trades for the series for me. This was […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2022 Series — October 27, 2022

Money In The Bank strategy has given losses in 10 out of 36 months of trades so far. How and why the loss happens? It is seen that the loss occurs when one of the stocks makes a big down move without impacting the BANKNIFTY. Like it did on Tuesday. KOTAKBANK was down and that […]

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October Series Trades — Series Comes To A Close Today — Loss Booked — October 27, 2022

NIFTY was down 74 points on Tuesday. This was the first down move after 8 days of gains. Those eight days had done enough damage that yesterday’s move gave no benefit. All the FUTURES trades were closed. Most of the OPTIONS trades too were either already closed or closed yesterday. Those that remain open are […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2022 Series — October 25, 2022

The one hour session yesterday saw BANKNIFTY making a good up move. ICICIBANK was the top gainer among the BANKNIFTY stocks, up 2.88%. HDFCBANK too was up 1.41% while KOTAKBANK was among the few losers on the day. You can not win them all. Two stocks doing better than the index is generally good enough […]

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October Series Trades — Nifty Up 154 Points — Celebrates Diwali — MTM Loss Goes Up — October 25, 2022

NIFTY moved up by another 154 points in the short 1 hour session yesterday. With the index moving higher and higher every day since last 7 days, my trades have now gone deep into the red. That would not be much of a problem if there was some time left to expiry. October series will […]

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Money In The Bank — November 2022 Series — October 24, 2022

Trades for October series were closed on October 19 with a good profit. New trades for November 2022 expiry were set up on October 21, Friday and first day was good for the trades. Strikes taken turned out to be different from those planned because BANKNIFTY had moved much higher in the early part of […]

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