Money In The Bank — December 2022 Series — November 30, 2022

BANKNIFTY behaved exactly in the same manner on Tuesday as it had done on Monday. On Monday, the gain was 36 points. Once again, HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK were among losers. That should be a cause of concern. Top stocks not gaining when the benchmark index NIFTY is hitting all time high is something strange. Yesterday […]

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December Series Trades — Another Day Of Nifty Record High — November 30, 2022

Nifty made another ALL TIME HIGH yesterday. The new number is 18678.10. How long this holds the position of being ALL TIME HIGH is a matter for the market. We have enough on our hand to worry about. Luckily, the bullishness of NIFTY was not everywhere. Some of the stocks did move lower though by […]

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Nifty Spreads Once Again — December 2022 Series — November 30, 2022

Yesterday was another record high day for NIFTY. The high of the day being 18678.10, closing was at 18618.05. The one way moves over last few days have not worked very well for these trades. We wait for yet another day. As there is not much left to gain from NIFTY PUT 18400 DEC 01, […]

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Money In The Bank — December 2022 Series — November 29, 2022

The record high day for NIFTY was not much for BANKNIFTY. There was just a 36 point gain yesterday. On top of that, HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK were among the losing stocks. ICICIBANK managed to stay in the green and that helped our set of trades to not lose ground. Somehow, we managed to stay where […]

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Nifty Hits Record High On Monday — December Series Trades — November 29, 2022

Nifty made the new all time high yesterday at 18614.25. With too many SHORT trades already in position, the day could not have been good and it was not. Even the single LONG trade in HCLTECH went wrong as this stock ended up among losers on this day. There is not much to tell except […]

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Nifty Spreads Once Again — December 2022 Series — November 29, 2022

Finally, NIFTY erased the previous ALL TIME HIGH of October 19, 2021. Just by a few points but record highs are significant events and deserve mention. After making the high, it gave back few points and ended the day at 18562. 18614.25 is the new high, let us see how long it enjoys the status. […]

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Nifty Spreads Once Again — December 2022 Series — November 28, 2022

On Friday, there was not much action in NIFTY. It is closer to the high of the day which is significant considering that the index spent most of the time in the RED territory for the day. Our spread trades are supposed to grind out the profit slowly. This too was another slow day. Let […]

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Option Buying Profits — Why Do Traders Ignore The Easy Way?

An Option Buyer has the potential for UNLIMITED profit and the loss is LIMITED. An Option Seller has the potential for LIMITED profit and the loss could be UNLIMITED. Normal choice should be LIMITED LOSS, UNLIMITED PROFIT kind of a deal. Not in the world of Option Trading. Here we have got so many theories […]

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Money In The Bank — December 2022 Series — Review Of The Week — November 27, 2022

Friday was a strange kind of day for BANKNIFTY index. HDFCBANK, ICICIBANK and KOTAKBANK all closed lower but did not affect the index much. The index was supported by the likes of PNB, up 5.1%, BANDHANBAK up 3%, IDFCFIRSTB 2.29%. Overall BANKNIFTY fell just 0.21%. With BANKNIFTY strike 40000 now being very far away, this […]

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PROFIT FROM NIFTY OPTIONS — Art Of Doing Nothing — Paperback Edition Now Available — November 25, 2022

Dear readers, You gave your love to the eBook. The simple book that states a simple fact that one could make profit from NIFTY options without any complicated strategies and without much effort. The simple book that proved its premise with the data for 117 months and now numbers for 17 more months has been […]

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