Nifty Spread Trades — February 2023 Series — January 31, 2022

I have not posted anything since January 25. On January 24, 2023, NIFTY was at 18118 and the MTM gain was a very good 102.90 points. A lot has happened since then. Nifty closed at 17648.95 yesterday. A big down move is not good specially when occurring within a trading week. Let us see where […]

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Nifty Spread Trades — February 2023 Series — January 25, 2023

There was no post yesterday as I was busy in a family function. Nifty was absolutely flat on Tuesday. On Monday, it was a big gainer. With all it has done since Thursday, it is still close to 18100 level which suits us fine. Let us see how Nifty at 18118 on Tuesday affected our […]

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Option Buying Again — January 2023 Series — Closed On January 23 — January 25, 2023

As Nifty climbed up on Monday after the early low points, it was a difficult day for the trades. Luckily, DEEPAKNTR PUT 1900 gave an opportunity to close with a small gain. The exit from the trade was taken at Rs. 45.00, though the high point was at 50.10. On the other hand, PVR PUT […]

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Money In The Bank — February 2023 Series — Setting Up Today – January 23, 2023

We gave a miss to this setup in January series. The reason was the low premium receivable. The same condition prevails today but the margin amount has also come down in view of ICICIBANK lot size being reduced to 700 from earlier 1375. Trades worked out based on Friday’s prices are: SELL HDFCBANK PUT 1600 […]

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Option Buying Again — January 2023 Series — To Close Today — January 23, 2023

With NIFTY being down 80 points on Friday, our trades improved a little. It was less to do with NIFTY and more with PVR which was down more than 3%. Position of trades on January 20: Scrip PUT/CALL Lot Size Strike Price Entry Date Price at Entry Price on 20/01/2023 Profit/Loss UPL PUT 1300 700 […]

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Nifty Spread Trades — February 2023 Series — January 23, 2023

Nifty was sown 80 points on Friday, January 19. The closing was at 18027.65. Our SOLD options are for 18100 strikes. As long as NIFTY remains within 100-150 points range from the sold strikes, the trades are likely to do well. This was the status at end of day on January 20: Option Action Quantity […]

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OptionsNext Is 5 Year Old Today — January 22, 2023

Five years ago this blog took its first tentative step into the unknown future. Today it has 3137 posts spread over five years describing the market journey. The highlights of this period have been: Wonderful results of Option Buying Trades from the period May 2018 to March 2020. Evolving of a consistent and well performing […]

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Option Buying Again — A Strange Week — Status On January 20 — January 21, 2023.

In the last one week, NIFTY gained about 71 points as it moved from 17956.60 to 18027.65. Not a big positive move but a gain anyway. Nifty moving higher generally is not good when we are carrying more PUT trades. In my case it is 4 PUTS and 1 CALL. Let us see how the […]

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Nifty Spread Trades — January 2023 Series — Closed On Jan 19, 2023

Yesterday, Nifty closed at 18107.85, down 57 points from the previous day. That helped our set of trades to do little better. All the trades were closed around 2:48 PM and the profit for the series came to 231.80 Points. We can say that it was a good month. Profit in December 2022 series was […]

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Option Buying Again — January 2023 Series — Gone Bad — January 20, 2023

If we close our eyes and ignore what is happening around us, nothing is going to change. Whatever has to happen will happen. Not looking at the losses will not make them go away. The losses did not go away as I did not post over last 3 days. Let us see what was the […]

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