Another day, another 46 point gain for NIFTY.

Closed very near to 11700 mark and looks set to make another attempt towards all time high.

For us, this 46 point gain was like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We were not in a good position on Friday but entering Monday, we had HOPE. A day is enough to change hope into despair. All our positions suffered badly yesterday and now we are looking at a very difficult situation.

I have been in such situations many times. On few occasions , positions turned into profit while at some times the loss had to be taken. But in those times, I was trading alone. Here I am among so many readers for whom this may be a tough place to be. The tug of war between hope and despair is very unnerving even with experience.

We stay with the trades.

There is one comment on yesterday’s post which I would like to share:

vishal agarwal


Very boring expiry so far. Waiting for some last over fireworks before slipping into the May expiry.

Vishal appears to have learnt the essence of option buying. Do your job, let the market give you whatever it gives and move on. Let us keep expecting something good over last 6 days of April Expiry.

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