In yesterday’s post I promised the moon.

Words have a way to come back and haunt you and taunt you. After all, my option buying trades have not done well over last one year. That is putting it mildly, the trades have been an absolute disaster. I am still in the game due to profit made earlier. Every option buyer is not so lucky.

Coming back to the promise.

Only 1 trade in a month.

We buy NIFTY CALL and wait with it till expiry day. Close the trade and move on to the next series on the same day.

Nothing could be simpler than that.

What do we do in the time saved from looking at the monitor and worrying about the price movements?

Use some of that time to read the long story that I am coming up with.

Here is the story of the year 2020 which saw NIFTY move to a low of 7511 in March 2020 and then bounce back to multiple all time highs by the end of the year.

In one year, the profit was Rs. 234300 which is equal to 3124 NIFTY points.

Yes, it was an exceptionally good year but we shall also see how it worked out in other times too.

Please be ready for a long read.

I understand that your patience has been tested to the full extent by now.

Dull and boring. But it made money.

We shall discuss the performance over the years in subsequent posts.

Enjoy the weekend.