We meet for the 2nd F&O Workshop at Bangalore on April 08, 2018 ( Sunday ).

Venue :

Hotel Sovereign Grand

19 & 20, 3rd Main, Gandhinagar, Bangalore – 560009,

Opp. Sapna Book House

Venue remains the same but the contents of the session have undergone major changes.

When we met in January, markets were at all time high and Union Budget was awaited with hope.

Now the budget is past and forgotten, a damp squib which did nothing to cheer the markets.

Changes in Long Term Capital Gains Tax set the market on a downward move. That coupled with international trends have brought down the indices by about 10%.

Uncertainty prevails and this program deals with tackling the uncertainty.

Options can be the best tools for trade in such times and can be very profitable if rightly done.

The first session on January 21, 2018 was a big success.

Let us join hands to make this program equally successful.

This program will deal with:

Do we sell or buy Options ?

What are the stocks to trade through Options ?

Can one really be profitable when markets go down ?

All these questions will be addressed in these sessions.

Here are the details of the Fee and Payment Method and What the Session Would Cover.

Program Fee and Payment Details:

The fee for the program is Rs. 2950 including GST.

Payment can be made through IMPS/ NEFT to the following account:

Participation Fee : Rs. 2500 per person + 18% ( Rs. 450 ) GST.

Account Details :


ACCOUNT NUMBER …………. 0101104000231510




What will be covered ? :

After a brief overview of the F&O definitions, we shall proceed to Option Trading.

Professional traders have maligned naked option buying to such an extent that people with no money also talk of hedging and strategies.

The first session will be devoted to how to trade naked options profitably. This is going to be the most important part from the point of view of traders with small capital.

Thereafter we move to standard Option Strategies with real trading examples.

In the next time slot we shall discuss some of the strategies devised by our team to stay protected from losses while taking small profits consistently. Here the key is loss protection and many people have expressed interest in staying free from losses.

The fourth part will be Strategies using Futures.

In the end there will be Q&A session of about one hour.We shall try to squeeze in as much useful information in the available time as possible.

Action after Payment :

After making the payment, please send a mail to teachtotrade@gmail.com for confirmation.

Looking forward to your participation.