One Year Of Staying Stupid And Hopeful — Review of Option Buying Trades

Finally the year 2020 came to a close yesterday. Before we move on to the new year with new trades and new hopes, let us look back at the year just gone. This is how NIFTY performed during the year. On the last day of the year too, a new high of 14024.85 was posted. […]

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Money In The Bank — The Journey Through 2020 — December 24, 2020

Thank God for something that works most of the time. God’s creations work as intended at all times. It is we humans who try so much and so many things who falter many times. God made humans like that. More so in trading. With all the knowledge and information available, 90% of traders lose money. […]

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Market Keeps Rising — Is It A Scam?

I have answered this question on Quora. Sharing with my readers here: Markets rising against all odds. Is there a scam going on?: In the current week, NIFTY made a new all time high on 4 days out of 5. The uptrend was so strong that 100 points down move on one day was bought […]

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Stocks To Avoid 2020 Revisited — Market At All Time High

On December 11, 2020 NIFTY closed above 13500 and made an all time high at 13579.35. The fears of March 2020 are long gone and the index is moving up every day. The low of 7511.10 made in March 2020 is now forgotten in the euphoria of the NIFTY gains. Did every stock gain? Did […]

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A Story Of Chips Falling And Blues Turning Red — Sunday Story

A recollection of some horror stories in the past few years in the market. The stocks which were certified blue chips turning into penny stocks over time. Please read on: Market is full of success stories. Stories of stock prices moving to stratospheric high levels. Some people then come up with stories of an investor […]

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Money In The Bank — One Year Completed — It Works

We completed one year of this series on the blog two days ago. These trades began from November 2019 series and with the conclusion of third set of trades in October 2020, we have come full circle. There were apprehensions in the beginning. Whatever works in theory may fail in actual practice. The first month […]

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FIIs Bought, DIIs Sold — So What?

Too much information. Does it help in being profitable? I believe not. The fact that 90% of traders lose money was true 40 years ago. The same fact is true today. More information has not resulted into traders becoming better at their craft. Please read on: Why are retail traders interested in knowing what the […]

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Money In The Bank — The Journey So Far

This series about a strategy with the banking stocks was started from November 2019. Yesterday we closed the trades of September Series. This was the third set up in September and a loss was booked in this. Before that we had booked profits twice in this series. Let us look at those numbers. After giving […]

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Adversity To Opportunity, Lemons To Lemonade, Despair To Hope — Sunday Story

We hear many stories of great courage, triumph of human will power over extreme adversities and draw inspiration from such stories. The one story which has impressed me most is the story of Jon Morrow, who has beaten incredible odds just to stay alive leave alone achieve what he has done. Here is the man: […]

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Option Buying — A Success Story From US — March 2020

We had a very good month in March 2020 for our trades. Since then it has been all downhill. That is the nature of option buying trades. Regular small losses ( definition of small varies for every one of us ) followed by a big big profit if we care to take that. Read the […]

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