Profit From Nifty Options — Book On Amazon — Sharing Negative Review

Welcome to Monday morning. Over the weekend, it was all about my little book. After all, I should be enjoying my few minutes of fame. Only in my case it is a shared feeling of joy with my readers. It is your support and belief in what I write which made this book possible and […]

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My New Book– On Amazon — Reviews and Other Update

Dear Readers, On the first day there was a good response. That must have been due to your support. The book is listed in Hot New Releases in this category. Please read the book and share the link with your friends. Spreading the good word brings more good things for you. Some of the readers […]

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Art Of Doing Nothing — To Make Money — Option Buying — Chapter 4

We discussed how CALL option buying in NIFTY would have made decent profits in year 2020. In yesterday’s post, we analyzed the reasons of profit and the losses and how options are a good tool to trade. Today, we continue the journey through the first 5 months of the current year 2021. Please read on: […]

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Art Of Doing Nothing — To Make Money — Option Buying — Year 2020

In yesterday’s post I promised the moon. Words have a way to come back and haunt you and taunt you. After all, my option buying trades have not done well over last one year. That is putting it mildly, the trades have been an absolute disaster. I am still in the game due to profit […]

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Art Of Doing Nothing — To Make Money — Option Buying

Welcome to a new discussion thread. This is coming at a time when I am taking a break from Option Buying trades after continuous losses. Ironical, maybe. I had mentioned that looking back is important. We can know about the mistakes made and find out what went wrong. Over last few days of thinking, the […]

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High Futures Margins — Use Options — Synthetic Futures

Let us say we want to BUY RELIANCE futures and SELL NIFTY Futures for June 2021 series. As per Zerodha margin calculator , this is the margin amount required for these two trades based on Friday’s prices. Margins for day trades are lower but from September that too will not be available. We can use […]

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OptionsNext Now On Telegram — Please Join The Channel

Dear Readers, The journey of this blog is now into its fourth year. The support by readers has helped it reach good rankings. I can dish out post after post but it is for the readers to discern the good from the bad and keep me on my toes through comments and criticism. At some […]

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SEBI Margin Rules — How Will The New Rules Impact The Traders — Saturday Story

The revised peak margin rules are already in implementation stage. They will become fully effective from September 2021. I have received many questions from the readers wanting to know how these rules are likely to impact our trading. My reply has been — we will cross the bridge when we come to it. Well, we […]

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Money In The Bank — Some More Questions & Answers

This is one strategy which has done well over last 19 months. The success brings many questions along with it. Some of those questions are: When is the right time to enter the setup?: Any time is right time. We just do not begin at 9:15 am. Waiting till 9:30 or 10:00 is okay. Generally […]

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Money In The Bank — 19 Months — 16 Profits 3 Losses — Consistent Strategy

Yesterday, we closed the second set of May 2021 series early in the day. Had we waited till afternoon the profit would have been much bigger. There is no point in worrying about the lost part of the profit. Some of it will come from the June 2021 setup. We shall talk about that on […]

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