A bad day for us.

Nifty kept on moving up and our stocks mocked us all day.

A day like this teaches us the lessons in humility. It is taught to us that no one can win all the time. That is why money management is important. Since a good trade is already concluded in Sunpharma put 450, we are still in with profit.

There was a message yesterday from one of the readers suggesting getting out of trades as these are turning into losses. I believe not much has changed. The stock price is still lower than when we entered the trade. A little movement in our direction can make the puts again nicely profitable. It happened earlier and it may happen again.

I understand that it is difficult to retain and sustain hope in such times but then fortitude is a quality a trader has to possess. Technical skills may deliver small profits from time to time but for real success patience is the key.

All said and done,we are still in the game. With 10 trading days remaining a lot can happen and will happen.


Today it looks like that we will have a positive day.

Let us sit tighten with no new trades.