The book MORE PROFIT FROM NIFTY OPTIONS is now in its 5th day on Amazon.

I will be honest with you as always.

Readers’ response has not been as good as it was for my earlier book. This book emphasizes the performance of option buying as compared to an index fund over a long period of 20 years.

I believe that the readership will pick up momentum later. That is up to you dear readers.

Well. initial reviews are good. That is encouraging.

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Some of the reviews:

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Dear Readers,

Thanks for reading these pages day after day.

That keeps me on my toes and fully engaged with the market. I dedicated this book to all my readers here and on other forums to express my gratitude for the support through the years.

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It will take you on a journey from 2001 to present day.

It will take you through the ghastly terrorist act of 11/09/2001, surprise defeat of NDA government in 2004, crash of year 2008, recovery and another deep correction in 2011. Corona virus fear and the crash of March 2020 is still fresh in mind.

All through these good times and bad, At the Money CALL buying would have given consistent good profits and done better than NIFTY.

Difficult to believe but that is what the numbers tell.

My humble request:

Buy the book or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited but please leave a review on the Amazon product page.

Please recommend the book or even gift it to your friends. Sharing is caring.

And please make it the No. 1 Best Seller among its category by BUYING NOW.

It is your book, dear readers.

My sincere thanks.