Out of 20 days available for trading n February Expiry month, 10 days are now gone. We still do not see a profit for this month.

NIFTY moved lower for yet another day. This evens out the score for the current month. 10 trading days. 5 gaining days in a row followed by 5 losing days strung together. This tussle between bulls and bears is gripping to hear about but is not doing good for our trades.

It was a different kind of negative day. The stocks which were beaten down over last few days rose very sharply today. The fall was due to losses in RELIANCE, INFY and TCS which have significant weight in the index.

This trend of the beaten down stocks moving up caused serious harm to our trades in IDEA, BHEL, ZEEL, HEROMOTOCORP and GRASIM and LT going wrong.

HINDPETRO is another one which raised hopes and then dashed them. A day ago I had written that I wish stock moves below Rs. 220 and then below Rs. 210 very soon. It went below Rs. 220 very fast and then moved below Rs. 214 as well. Just when I started feeling good about the trade, it turned around and recovered to Rs. 222.60. By end of day it was at Rs. 220. Once again, the profit from the trades becomes a distant dream.

M&M made fresh 52 week low in the opening minutes. Then it moved higher like it does every day. Near the close of the day, it made yet another low at Rs. 632.30. I have exited PUT 660 at Rs. 28.00 and moved to PUT 630 at Rs. 10.00. This is one trade in which some profit is booked and we are in the trade if the down trend continues.

The positions as on February 14, 2018 :

Today being the last day of the week, we may see volatile moves towards close. If in our favor, that would be great. Otherwise, we just take the beatings and lick our wounds over the weekend. We can not fight the market.

Outlook for today:

As of 8:25 am, Asia Markets are trading in the red. SGX NIFTY has just moved into negative , down 7.5 points.

This is an indication of weakness. Only concern is that we have already had 5 days of weakness. Let us see which way this daily battle between hope and despair goes.

While watching the moves let us be focused on our trades and not the noise in the market.

Those readers who are still in the M&M trade can make the move to lower strike today.

No new trades for the day.

Trade cautiously, trade profitably.

Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only and are not meant as advice/suggestion to trade in these stocks. Trading in Futures and Options can lead to big losses and should be done with appropriate knowledge and advice only. Mentioning the stocks here does not imply that I have a trading position or likely to take a trade in these stocks.