For me it did not begin nicely.

The venue was a tad disappointing. There were issues regarding locating it, seating and even the electrical power points not working. The issues were resolved but could and should have been avoided.

But my sincere thanks go out to the keen and enthusiastic participants who just brushed aside the inconvenience and were fully into the session with their full energy and focus,

I had planned for 25 people. There were 27 including one last minute walk in.

Introductions over , we began with the business on hand i.e. how to trade Options profitably. The recent budget and the more than 250 point fall next day provided a lot of food for thought and the real price action scenarios were displayed and discussed. Three hours just went by and it was time for lunch.

After lunch it was definitions, strategies, hedging and loss prevention while trying to make consistent profits through Options as well as Futures.

The participation was very keen, questions curious and attention very apt.

Apart from the feedback given on the spot, a few messages have come in which I am sharing here without naming the participants. They will know and I am happy that I could of some use to them and they benefited from the program.

“Dear Sir,

Thanks again for sharing your insights and knowledge. I learned a lot from yesterday’s session.
Looking forward to your blog updates.”
“Today’s workshop was great combination of Knowledge, Market insight and Humor! Thank you for arranging it.”
My sincere thanks to all of you who participated. Trade wisely, trade profitably. Stay in touch through mail, comments and FORUM here.
The next program is at Hyderabad on Sunday, February 11, 2018.
Those interested to participate at Hyderabad may please confirm early so as the logistics issues can be taken care.
For confirming here are the details. Fund transfer maybe done through IMPS.NEFT.

Program Fee and payment detail:

The fee for the session is Rs. 2950 including GST.

Participation Fee : Rs. 2500 per person + 18% ( Rs. 450 ) GST.

Account Details : PRAMOD KUMAR

……………………….. ACCOUNT NUMBER 0101104000231510

……………………….. IDBI BANK, IFSC CODE : IBKL0000101

……………………….. BELGAUM BRANCH