It all began at Bangalore on January 21, 2018.

The first F&O workshop was conducted here with 53 participants. With the interaction in this program it was noted what the participants wanted and what is actually required. the Bangalore session was followed by sessions at Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

On demand by the readers second round of these workshops was conducted at Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai.

I find that there are more requests coming in from Bangalore.

The contents of the workshop are dynamic just like the market is.

The first session at Bangalore and launching of this website was simultaneous. As one can see from the posts here Option Trading can be profitable for the BUYERS of options also contrary to what the market belief is.

These charts show the status of the results achieved through option buying in the months of May, June and July till now.

May 2018 :

4 trades right out of 11 resulting into a profit of Rs. 67000.

June 2018 :

and few more trades

June went better than May. It was not all smooth sailing but the results speak for themselves.

July 2018 : ( Till July 17 ) 

What the Course Contains :

The objective of the session is to make one find these kind of opportunities through own efforts. It aims at taking your options trades to a higher level.

Markets are dynamic and so is the course content. Earlier too it was kept changing for every location. Budget day volatility was included for Pune and Hyderabad. Now budget is an event which was done and dusted long ago. So we too move on to other aspects.

Broadly the content will be divided into:

(A) Trading and Stock Selection for Trades

(B) Profits Through Option Buying– Myth and Reality

(C) Options Greeks ( Briefly) followed by Standard Strategies

(D) Options Strategies for Consistent Profit With No Loss

(E) Futures Trading and Hedged Strategies For Regular Consistent Profit

Everything is explained through real trade examples. No dry theories. How to avoid the pitfalls where traders are trapped and how to stay in profitable trades is all explained through actual trades.

Bad trades are also show cased as one learns more from them.

We begin with introductions at 9:30 am and the program starts at 10:00 am. We shall continue till 6:00 pm with breaks for lunch and tea/ coffee.

Participation Fee :

The fee for the session is Rs. 3540. ( Rs. 3000 plus 18% GST )

Fee is to be paid by making online payment through IMPS/NEFT to the following account:

Account Details : PRAMOD KUMAR

……………………….. ACCOUNT NUMBER 0101104000231510

……………………….. IDBI BANK, IFSC CODE : IBKL0000101

……………………….. BELGAUM BRANCH

After Making The Payment :

Please send a mail to— with your payment details.

Reply to this mail would be your confirmation.

Please Confirm Early:

As already mentioned, your early confirmation would be helpful in deciding about the venue. A minimum numbers of participants is a must for booking any place and the delayed response can cause problems in finalizing a good venue.

Looking forward to your early confirmation and active participation.