The wait from December 31, 2017 to the D-day ( January 21, 2018 ) finally came to an end.

The response for attending the program was enthusiastic to begin with, questions posed before confirming the participation were inquisitive and the participation was engaging and informative.

The participants began arriving at the venue much before the registration time of 9:30 am.

In fact I had small interactions with the early participants and it was very useful.

The program began with introductions over a cup of tea.

At 10:30, we started with the main theme— How Buying Options Could Be Profitable and Simple ?

This goes against the text book wisdom about Options and there were good questions about the methods discussed for selection of stocks, strikes and the time to entry.

This session continued for two and a half hours and it was lunch time.

After lunch break, it was time for Option Strategies.

In two separate parts standard strategies were discussed and then we proceeded to discuss Loss Prevention and Consistent Profits through Options.

The last part was Hedged Futures Strategy for Consistent Returns in Bull and Bear Markets.

After 5:30 there was a Q&A session.

The questions which could not be taken up due to time constraints were noted down and the response to those shall be sent by e- mail to the participant asking the question.

( Explaining Options Definitions and Strategies )

There were 53 participants in all including 3 walk in participants.

I express my thanks to each one of them as well as to all those who had expressed interest but could not make it to attend the session.

We hope to meet again in near future.

( Explaining Strategies )

It is difficult to tailor a program perfectly suited to the requirements of all traders with different backgrounds and trading exposure. While trying to find a median some points may be missed.

I seek your feedback on that so that further courses can be improved.

Let us stay engaged in this interaction and work towards improving our trading.

Here are few of the comments from the participants:

(Names withheld, they will definitely know it)

“It was a very clear and thorough session today Sir. I am hoping to study and implement all that I learnt today from you in the upcoming months. I had to take my return bus at 7:30 PM and hence I couldn’t stay back to talk to you. I will support you in all possible ways when you plan to conduct a session in Chennai sir.”


“Sir, many many many thanks for your class yesterday. It was such a pleasure meeting you as well as learning from you. You have genuinely imparted knowledge to educate and create awareness on how to use options effectively! Thank you once again sir! God bless you.”


“It was my pleasure. Yes weigthed futures hedging with really made sense now i need to test it and I will get back to you with reports. Once again thanking you for sharing your trading wisdom with us.”


“I am very glad to meet you, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.”

Well, it takes both hands to clap.

It is your enthusiasm and support which made the program a success.

Once again, my sincere thanks for the support.

We now move to :

PUNE : February 04, 2018

HYDERABAD : February 11, 2018

CHANDIGARH : February 18, 2018


DELHI/NCR : February 25, 2018

Let us see which of these cities betters Bangalore for number of participants.