I was visiting Hyderabad after almost ten years.

It was with some trepidation that I was going there this time. It is not easy to meet new people, engage with them whole day on a dreary subject like Futures and Options and be satisfied with the interaction.

And after the bad initial experience about the venue at Pune last week, there were bit more apprehensions.

But all those feelings were set aside by the warm and encouraging participation by the very keen participants of this charming city.

The participants started coming in much before the registration time of 9:30 am.

Most of them were introduced and seated by 9:45.

After introductions, we had a cup of tea and started the program with “ How to trade with Options Buying profitably “.

The volatility caused due to recent Union Budget and fall in US Markets and its impact on the stocks and consequently on Option Prices were discussed.

It was a lively interactive session with practical trading examples narrated.

Informal discussions continued during the lunch break as well.

The session after lunch break was on Option Strategies and consistent profit making through Options as well as Futures Hedging strategies.

Generally, the theoretical part tends to be dull and much interaction does not happen. Here in Hyderabad, thanks to some very experienced participants, there was very good discussions on the technical aspects as well.

The part about Futures Hedging was also very well received by the participants.

We began with the Q&A session at 5:30.

Generally by this time energy is depleted and enthusiasm is on the decline.

But not here in Hyderabad. Questions were thick and fast, right and bright.

Even one of the strategies was asked to be described real time for next month expiry. Such participation is really very encouraging and makes the program worthwhile.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants for making the session a success. Like I stated there, such sessions are a two way street. All of us should derive some benefit from it by way of new insights and new ways for successful trading.

There were quite a few messages from those who could not participate due to personal engagements on the day or late information. I am thankful to all those people for the interaction and interest in the program.

If you would like to participate in the sessions when they are next held at Hyderabad, please post in the COMMENTS or CONTACT US section.

For program in other cities, please keep visiting these pages.

Thanks for reading.