Yesterday we saw small swings in both directions  and Nifty closed 15 points higher.

Infy gave up some of the gains made over last few days.

It was time for ZEEL to come to action and at one time Put 420 had moved to become profitable. So we wait for this trade to get in the money again.

Sunpharma too showed a good move. But we are so far away at Put 380 that we need another move like yesterday. Who knows what is likely to happen?

Not much changed for us. Gains from these two trades got adjusted with the other trades and we stay where we were.

We wait another day. Today there will be a lot of talk about Reliance results. Let us stay focused with our trades. Talk is free, trades cost us money.

My laptop keyboard got stuck and I am in a train typing on mobile phone. Please bear with the short post today.

No new trades for the day.

Trade cautiously, trade profitably.