On Monday, I was travelling almost all day and could not find time to write here.

Market too did not find time for my wishes and no reaction happened to the down move of Friday in the US Markets. All the Asian Markets just ignored the happenings in US and on Monday, Nasdaq and DJIA also went up.

Trade Wars ?

What Trade Wars ?

That is why I always maintain that finding explanations for market behavior is just a fanciful exercise. It helps in passing the time but does not lead to any significant edge in trading.

Coming to what actually happened in the markets on Monday and Tuesday– It went up on both days and now we are at 10400 levels.

It has been a big journey up from 10000.

Experts’ views are optimistic about the trend– most of them are bullish. Let us keep watching the real deal.

Here is how our selections fared:


The losing positions in the SELL selections have become a little bit ( very little ) better as TATA MOTORS and VEDANTA came down slightly from Friday levels and RPOWER stopped its up move. BAJAJ AUTO looks like going down but has not done it yet in an impressive manner.

I would still remain in these stocks and selections. Give them some more time.

Trend for today as per SGX NIFTY looks to be flat. We may see few small volatile moves during the day, but who knows what the markets will do?

Trade cautiously, trade profitably.