For a change Nifty closed lower on Wednesday.

Just by 15 points but a negative close after many days.

Will the trend change? Unlikely it seems but strange things do happen in the market specifically close to expiry. So let us be ready for some surprise pleasant or otherwise.

I am not in a position to write much today as my laptop battery is out and the charging point in the train is of no help. Typing on mobile screen is not my strong point.

Still making a post as otherwise I have to answer lot of questions about my well being.

The day gone by was neither good or bad. But for our trades it was another day of time decay. Let us hope for some trades to go right now.

No new trades for the day. Let us wait and watch for today and if there is need for some active trades, that would be done in the expiry week from Monday onwards.

Trade cautiously, trade profitably.