Traders are dreamers. They dream big. No amount of profit is too large in their dreams. They plan, they work towards these dreams only to be hit by the cruel realities of trading.

90% of the traders end up losing money. Most of them keep losing regularly. Plans remain plans and the profits remain a dream.

Dreams die fast.

Why am I talking of dreams today?

One of the comments yesterday revived memories of my early trading days. All of us have had dreams of such profits. We made plans for such huge gains only not to see the numbers at any time.

This was the comment :


Thanks a ton for discussing my trades n highlighting the risk reward ratio .. I do follow your trades religiously and trying to learn more from u sir …

Sir im a trader with small capital so im trying to make 20 % returns on my capital everyday which amounts to 440 % in a month consistently ..

Update on my suggested trades:

BUY ICICIBANK MAR 360 CE at 10 n trgt 12 .. Target reached but 17.5 was the high made (20% returns on the invested capital achieved in a day)

M&Mfin mar 440 ce at 12 n trgt 15.. Target reached n current LTP 17.9 ( 20 % returns on the capital invested in a day )

Axis bank is at loss but net is in profit ..

Im still learning from Pramod sir , i will trade like you sir one day by learning from this Blog .. Thank u sir for enlightening us through this blog n reinforcing our faith that making money in share market is still possible .. Thanks a ton

Nothing wrong with such thoughts.

My blog is about making big profits from Option Buying. With the blessings of the market we are successful to some extent over a 10 month period. But we never dream of 440% profit in a month though it was actually achieved in September 2018.

One of the greatest Hindi poets, Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan had this to say about dreams and reality :

Let us learn our lessons and do well to remember that the reality is far stronger than the dreams. Still dreams make life interesting.

Keep on dreaming but be grounded in reality.

All the best.