The results for the stock selections in March and April series have been real good.

It did not go smoothly all the time. In April, things went wrong considerably before they ended alright. Most of the traders would not have the conviction of staying with the trades. Only those who go through the pain find the pleasure at the end,

The purpose of these postings was only to demonstrate that Picking Stocks For Trading was not rocket science. There is no need for following any expert and paying for the selections. We can do it ourselves and be profitable.

It has now been demonstrated two months in a row and we expect the trend to continue in future as well.

Trading Through Options :

The profits shown in the previous posts would not have come without a big amount as Margin Money requirement. Most of the trades do not have that kind of budget. They look for similar profits with much less capital. Many have asked the question whether we can trade these selections through OPTIONS.

There is no doubt that we can trade these by buying Options.

But there is every doubt that whether it would make money.

We all know that passage of time kills the Option Premium.

Price going against you is also a distinct probability which will ultimately eat away the value.

For making money through Options ( Buying ) we need the following conditions to be met:

(1) Price should move in our direction.

(2) This move should happen quickly

We are not asking much. Is it?

Well sometime it happens and many times it does not.

When it happens, we make money and at other times money is lost.

The key is to make money when we are right.

May Option Series:

This month, this series is about trading through Options.

It will not be easy and straightforward like in previous months.

There will be reduction in the Option Prices, we shall be facing good amount of losses before we see any profit. Only good point is that capital required for trading would be much less.

The problems faced will be discussed in the daily postings with their likely solutions. In the end we may come out successful or not would depend on the markets. We either make money or there is always a next month and new trades.

May Selections :

Our selections for May Expiry are already made.

Here is how I would trade them through Options:

HINDUNILVER 1520 CALL        BUY   Rs. 17.00 Lot Size 600  Rs. 10200

M&M 900 CALL                              BUY   Rs. 9.50  Lot Size 1000 Rs. 9500

BHEL 80 PUT                                  BUY   Rs. 0.85  Lot Size 7500  Rs. 6350

SBIN 230 PUT                                  BUY   Rs. 4.00 Lot Size 3000  Rs. 12000

HINDPETRO 290 PUT                   BUY  Rs. 5.80  Lot Size 1575   Rs. 9135

TATAMOTORS 320 PUT               BUY   Rs. 6.00 Lot Size 1500  Rs. 9000.

The 6 trades would need Rs. 56185 as premium money to be paid.

This amount is less than the Margin Money required for 1 Futures Trade and allows us to trade 6 Lots in Options.

Worst Case Scenario:

We can kiss good bye to Rs. 56185 along with the expenses for the trades.

Now this is the maximum possible loss.

In April series, we were looking at far bigger losses for many days before it finally became profitable.

Those who are not comfortable with the thought of losing Rs. 56185 should not venture into this.

Best Case Scenario:

We do not know.

If the price move happens at right time in the right direction, very good money can be made. Even 1 right trade can make money sufficient enough to cover the other losses.

Few days back, I had suggested some Option Trades in the Expiry Week.

Out of 5 , 2 were right.

In case of VEDL, Rs. 1.75 became Rs. 10.00 and in case of SBIN, Rs. 1.65 became Rs. 6.50.

While the other three trades became worthless, these two counted for the overall profitability.

So we have to stay with the trades which have gone right.

It is not going to be an easy journey. But we have started and let us see where does it take us.

Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only and are not meant as advice/suggestion to trade in these stocks. Trading in Futures and Options can lead to big losses and should be done with appropriate knowledge and advice only. Mentioning the stocks here does not imply that I have a trading position or likely to take a trade in these stocks.