I am posting this on Sunday, August 28.

Not sure whether this post will be published or not. In the last few months there have been many technical glitches which made this site not available to readers for prolonged time periods.

In this age of instant communication, lost time is very precious.

And we have lost it big.

It appears that major issues have been resolved though some minor technical problems still remain.

Coming back to our mainstay strategy, the August series could be closed with a profit.

There were two sets in this series. The results were like this.


This is the current technical problem I am facing. Not able to insert images.

Profit for the series — Rs. 19567.

Summary of 34 Months since November 2019:

We have faced losses in the current year more frequently than we did in the past.

We shall continue with the strategy and make good the losses and move into profitable territory soon. The principle of the strategy is sound and it has been tested.

Profit till February 2022 —– Rs. 480598.

March 2022 —————– (-) 39106

April 2022 ——————–(-) 19154

May 2022 ———————(+) 29140

June 2022 ———————(-) 18178

July 2022 ———————-(+) 16111

August 2022 —————— (+) 19587

March – August 2022 ——— (-) 11680

Profit for 34 Month period —– Rs. 468918

As mentioned in earlier posts, in the beginning the strategy required about Rs. 450000 to set up. Recently that amount had gone up to Rs. 5.50 Lakhs. Hence an average of Rs. 500000 is considered as the fund requirement for working out the returns.

Thus the strategy has delivered a profit of 93.78% over the 34 month period.

Comparing with NIFTY and BANKNIFTY:

We had closed the trades on August 23, 2022.

The beginning was made on November 01, 2019.

NIFTY has moved up to 17577.80 from 11890.60 in this period.

NIFTY gain —- 50.35% Strategy Gain — 93.78%.

BANKNIFTY has moved to 38697.65 from 30330.55 in these 34 months.

BANKNIFTY gain — 27.58% Strategy Gain — 93.78%.

This simple strategy has outperformed both NIFTY and BANKNIFTY all the time. And the outperformance is significant.

That makes it a good and reliable strategy.

I hope it stays that way in the near future too.

Thanks for reading.