In yesterday’s post, we reviewed the 35 month performance of the Money In The Bank strategy. We see from the results that it earned about 98% returns in this period despite having a poor run in the year 2022.

While it is expected that the numbers will improve further, let us have a look how it has performed vs. Indices or top banking stocks.

Prices on November 01, 2019 and September 14, 2022 have been considered for comparing because the September 2022 series was closed on September 14.

ICICBANK is the only stock price which has done better than this strategy though the difference is not much.

SBIN too comes close at 82.34%.

But if money was invested in HDFCBANK, KOTAKBANK or AXISBANK, the returns would have been much lower.

The strategy outperformed NIFTY and BANKNIFTY indices by a very big margin.

Remember what the people tell us — “It is very difficult to do better than benchmark indices.”

It is not at all difficult as we have seen over last 35 months. We just need to keep on trading with a method and the results fall into place. Only we should not be losing our belief in the method. That is the difficult part. Otherwise, everyone would be making money.

Link to 35 month performance review:

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