We completed one year of this series on the blog two days ago.

These trades began from November 2019 series and with the conclusion of third set of trades in October 2020, we have come full circle.

There were apprehensions in the beginning. Whatever works in theory may fail in actual practice. The first month itself was no great shakes. Then we saw markets tumbling down in March 2020. The strategy lost some money in that month but it was not too big a loss. April 2020 saw a big recovery and the three sets of trades in that month were very rewarding.

We stayed ahead in the game all the time.

July and August series tested the strategy as well as our patience very seriously. We saw big mark to market losses before turning profitable for the month. All we had to do was —- do nothing.

That DO NOTHING is the best part of this strategy. Set up the trades and let the trades work out. No intervention required except when booking the profits or the occasional loss.

Post from November 01, 2019:


Whatever was expected at the beginning has worked out exactly like that over last 12 months.

It gives credence to my belief that — KEEP IT SIMPLE — works and works beautifully.

Time to have a look at the 12 month result:

10 months of profits, 2 losing months and a total profit of Rs. 272772.

The returns are quite decent for a margin capital of about Rs. 450000.

It is good to celebrate one year of success. But trading in the market is a daily challenge. We need to continue this journey and see what the market holds for us over next year.

We stay with the strategy and keep doing what we have been doing for the past 12 months.

All the best for next 12 months.

Thanks for your support throughout this journey.

Thanks, dear readers.