In September series, I was kept busy by my futures trades which went all over the place like a roller coaster. Finally those trades came to a good shape on Friday, September 23 when NIFTY went down 302 points.

I did not trade Money In The Bank strategy in this series but one of my followers has been doing it regularly for a long time. He continued in September series too.

His trades were with additional hedging.

After selling the stock PUTS, he BUYS further 5% away PUTS too for protection against a big down move in any stock individually. This gives benefit of reduced margin. So he is able to trade 2 lots with the same capital.

Here is how his trades worked out for September 2022 series:

Trades were set up on August 22, 2022 and closed on September 14, 2022.

Our method does not involve hedging trades.

I am putting the same numbers in our template and the results are very good as expected.

September 2022 Performance:

We take this result for compiling the overall performance of the series since November 2019.

Review 35 Months:

Here is the journey over last 35 months beginning with November 2019 series.

We are continuing with a poor performance over last 11 months but at least it has now turned profitable.

As mentioned in earlier reviews, capital requirement was about 4.50 lakhs when we began. Currently it is around 5.50 lakhs. For working out the %age returns, I am considering the initial capital as Rs. 5.00 lakhs.

Based on these profit numbers, return over 35 month period comes to 98.45%.

This beats the NIFTY and BANKNIFTY return over the same time period.

More analysis of these numbers in tomorrow’s post.

Enjoy the Sunday holiday.