After the weekend market opened today and gave up most of the gains of Friday.

On Friday, NIFTY had gained about 80 points. Out of that about 60 points were given back on Monday.

We now see what happened to the trades in this strategy.

When NIFTY had gone up by 80 points on Friday, there was a minor loss of 2.7 points.

Nothing happened again with 60 point down move.

Last Traded Price for NIFTY 10800 PUT ( July Expiry ) was Rs. 157.85.

For NIFTY 10700 PUT it was Rs. 115.

NIFTY 10400 PUT ended at Rs. 42.70.

Our NET POSITION is therefore almost NIL. It is Rs. 0.15.

Like I stated in an earlier post 50-60 points moves will not make any impact.

If the market stays in a range, all the Options will start losing time value and slowly some profit will start coming. If volatility increases and market goes down abruptly, there may be a small loss.

But there is no cause for concern till NIFTY stays above 10500 and below 10800.

We review it again with closing prices of Tuesday ( June 26, 2018 ).