Yesterday, Nifty closed at 18107.85, down 57 points from the previous day.

That helped our set of trades to do little better. All the trades were closed around 2:48 PM and the profit for the series came to 231.80 Points.

We can say that it was a good month.

Profit in December 2022 series was just 67.60 Points.

January 2023 Series Status:

OptionActionQuantityPrice at entryPrice on 19/01/2023Profit/Loss
CALL 17500 JAN25BUY100877.00 (22/12/22)625.00 (Closed 19/01/23)(252.00)
PUT 19000 JAN25BUY100789.00 (22/12/22)880.00 (Closed 19/01/23)91.00
CALL 18100 DEC29SELL100205.65 (22/12/22)35.55 ( Closed 23/12/22)170.10
PUT 18100 DEC29SELL100130.70 (22/12/22)32.40 (Closed 29/12/22)98.30
CALL 17800 DEC29SELL100150.85 (23/12/22)284.90 (Closed 29/12/22)(134.05)
CALL 18100 JAN 05SELL100122.30 (29/12/22)12.00 (Closed 05/01/23)110.30
PUT 18100 JAN 05SELL100120.00 (29/12/22)94.50 (Closed 05/01/23)25.50
CALL 18000 JAN 12SELL100155.00 (05/01/23)7.35 (Closed 12/01/23)147.65
PUT 18000 JAN 12SELL100117.00 (05/01/23)171.00 (Closed 12/01/23)(54.00)
CALL 17800 JAN 19SELL100185.00 (12/01/23)301.00 (Closed 19/01/23)(116.00)
PUT 17800 JAN 19SELL100125.00 (12/01/23)6.20 (Closed 18/01/23)118.80
PUT 18150 JAN 19SELL10076.20 (18/01/23)50.00 (Closed 19/01/23)26.20

As long as Nifty remains rangebound, this method will keep giving some profit.

February 2023 Series Trades:

BUY options were NIFTY CALL 17000 and NIFTY PUT 19000 for FEB 23 expiry.

There is a 2000 point gap between these two strikes and the options could be bought for Rs. 2060. So, the maximum loss that can be faced in bought options would be just 60 points.

How much profit will come through the SOLD options, will be decided by the market moves.

The trades yesterday at 3:15 PM

BUY NIFTY CALL 17000 FEB 23 — Rs. 1220

BUY NIFTY PUT 19000 FEB 23 —- Rs. 840

SELL NIFTY CALL 18100 JAN 25 — Rs. 114.50

SELL NIFTY PUT 18100 JAN 25 —- Rs. 105.50

Status at end of day on January 20:

OptionActionQuantityPrice at entryPrice on 19/01/2023Profit/Loss
CALL 17000 FEB 23BUY1001220.001210.00(10.00)
PUT 19000 FEB 23BUY100840.00849.459.45
CALL 18100 JAN 25SELL100114.50110.803.70
PUT 18100 JAN 25SELL100105.50105.70(0.20)

Well, we should not expect a miracle in 15 minutes. The trades are set and now we have to follow them on day to day basis while doing nothing on most of the days.

Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only and are not meant as advice/suggestion to trade in these stocks. Trading in Futures and Options can lead to big losses and should be done with appropriate knowledge and advice only. Mentioning the stocks here does not imply that I have a trading position or likely to take a trade in these stocks.