The readers of this blog are no strangers to this strategy.

Some are actually trading it; others are not because the margin requirement is quite big at Rs. 14.50 lakhs.

This strategy is the enlarged version of Money In The Bank strategy.

Here we sell out of money PUTS for all the top 10 stocks ( By weight ) and hedge the trades by buying out of money NIFTY PUTS.

Stock puts are about 2-3% out of money and NIFTY put is 4% out of money.

Once set up, we do nothing but wait.

The series began on this blog from May 2020.

Took a break for some months in between due to no reason in particular but then decided to follow it through.

On Friday, the trades for October 2021 series were closed.

A profit of Rs. 58229 for the month.

Few days ago, the MTM profit was about Rs. 97000. The fall in TCS and HINDUNILVR brought it down.

What is done is done.

We move over to November series and review how the strategy has performed so far.

Review of 14 Months:

We go to the numbers straightaway.

The strategy has made a profit of Rs. 614796 in 14 months when the trades were set up.

There are 2 losing months out of 14.

We can say that profits are consistent.

I have mentioned earlier that the capital required is around Rs. 14.5 lakhs. We round off this to Rs. 1500000 for our calculations.

Profit over 14 months is 40.98%.

I will not call it spectacular but it is not bad either.

To have a fair assessment, we need the data for 24 months. So we keep going with this setup and see where that takes us.

For the present, the strategy is working just fine.

New readers will surely have more questions. Answers can be found in the post:

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the Sunday holiday.