Nifty was once again volatile on Friday, October 22, 2021.

It was planned to close the trades for October series.

We needed TCS and HINDUNILVR to move higher for improving our profit. Market denied us that opportunity.

Other stocks came to the rescue and we could end up with a better profit than what was seen on Thursday.

October series ended for us with a profit of Rs. 58229.

It is much less than the MTM profit of Rs. 97000 seen a few days ago but better than the losing position we were in a bit earlier.

The strategy has now given us a good profit over 14 months with just 2 losing months out of 14.

Let us hope it stays that way.

November Series:

Trades for November series could not be set up on Friday. We shall do that today.

Stock PUTS ( 2-3% out of money ) to be sold and NIFTY PUTS ( 4% out of money ) 10 lots NOV 25 Expiry to be bought.

That is all the action required.

Let the day begin.

Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only and are not meant as advice/suggestion to trade in these stocks. Trading in Futures and Options can lead to big losses and should be done with appropriate knowledge and advice only. Mentioning the stocks here does not imply that I have a trading position or likely to take a trade in these stocks.