Finally the year 2022 is over.

The talk of NIFTY going above 19000 is finally laid to rest.

It may go above 20000 or below 16000, you and I are both not in a position to know. In fact, nobody knows but it is a good pass time to hazard guesses or make predictions.

NIFTY had closed at 17364 on December 31, 2021. One year later, the closing was at 18105 on December 30, 2022.

A gain of 4.26% for the year.

Not exactly a bullish year.

The high of the year was 18887,60 on December 01 and the low point was 15183.40.

So we should be open to both the possibilities thrown by these numbers. There is as much chance of breaching 16000 as of crossing 20000.

How the Top 10 heavy weights performed:

They keep changing but I will talk about the stocks which were the top 10 by weight at the beginning of the year.

INFY — (-) 19.99%

TCS —- (-) 11.91%

The gainers:

HDFC —- 3.06%


RELIANCE — 6.01%

LT ———– 10.10%


HDFCBANK — 12.12%

ICICIBANK — 21.37%

ITC ——— 52.71%.

It was the good performance of ITC and ICICIBANK which helped the top 10 portfolio to keep its head above water in spite of losses in INFY and TCS.

We can say that NIFTY made a big move from the low of 15183 to close the year at 18105. That would be a bullish conclusion.

On the other hand the fact that NIFTY moved just 4.26% in a year is equally true.

It is up to us what view we form.

And trade accordingly.

Market will do what it has to do.

Looking forward to year 2023.