We had a very good month in March 2020 for our trades. Since then it has been all downhill.

That is the nature of option buying trades. Regular small losses ( definition of small varies for every one of us ) followed by a big big profit if we care to take that.

Read the story about a person who does it not just for himself but institutionally with lot of funds at his disposal. He loses every month or every day while lying in wait for that huge gain even if it comes once in 10 years.

In India, we can not do that. We do not have the kind of market mechanism that exists in US. But within our limitations, we have done well so far. The last 5 months were bad. It happens. One or two good months can make these 5 months go away.

And even with such a method based on giving out losses most of the time, this guy gets people to invest money in his funds.

Who says that a hope and prayer do not work?

This story gives me some support that I am not doing something too different. There are other people doing the same thing, with even better success.

So we shall stay on the path we have chosen. And hope to get these kind of returns in not too distant future.

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