This blog was all about OPTION BUYING in the beginning.

Early readers know this fact.

For the last few months, Option Buying trades have taken a back seat and the focus has been on consistent profit making strategies. Fortunately, those strategies have worked very well.

That is why the blog is surviving and doing well.

I had reviewed the Option Buying trades at the end of 37 months and the results were summarized like this:

A break was taken in June 2021 and very few trades were done in July and August.

Both these months ended with small losses.

July 2021 — (-) 8675

Aug 2021 — (-) 6790

No trades were taken in September and October 2021.

Profit — May 2018 to October 2021 — Rs. 742549.

The Summary:

The journey had begun with a capital of Rs. 200000 and there is a good profit retained after 42 months.

It is a fact that the market has not been kind to my trades since the windfall in March 2020.

It is also a fact that the same market had been very generous till March 2020.

This is how Option Buying works.

Many small losses and few BIG PROFITS.

Without those BIG PROFITS, we go nowhere.

The timing of those big profits will be decided by the market. Only we have to stay in the trade when that profit is seen.

Profit From Nifty Options:

While I was taking a break in June and September, I came up with these 2 eBooks which are now available on Amazon.

The numbers conclusively prove that the simple act of OPTION BUYING is profitable over longer time periods and delivers better results than investing in the Index ETFs.

For Buying/Reading the sample, here are the links. Please click on the images.

Thanks for reading.